Buying a used ND

Another TEK night at Roddisons Motorsport S9 1US on Tuesday June 18th at 6:30
As the ND has been on sale for over 3 years, secondhand vehicles are beginning to come onto the market.
Paul will explain what to look for when considering buying a pre owned ND.
Tables have been booked at The Indus Restuarant for another of their excellent all you can eat buffets (£10.00) for those who want to eat and drink after the meeting.

This event is open to all, members of the MX5 Owners Club from all areas, MX5Nutz etc no need to book, just turn up, plenty of off road parking.

I now have a dilemma! I’ve just bought a 2016 plt ND Sport Recaro - do I attend as I’m interested in the ND or do I not attend because I may find out something that I might not have released when buying and will regret it! lol

The date is in my diary though!


  I had similar  thoughts but it’s in my diary as I’m sure I’ll learn of things to look out for.  


Guys, if you’re in two minds, don’t be!

Get along to this Paul’s knowledge of these cars is phenomenal  

I spent couple of hours there with him this morning, he gave me so much information I think my head’s gonna explode!:LolLolLolLol:


I’ve been to many, if not all the Roddison Tech evenings, I always learn something.

Just Do It!!

Just got back from my first TEK night and it was well worth the travel.
I found out lots about MX-5 and MK4/ND in particular.
Thanks for organising this evening.

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A very interesting evening - as was to be expected ! Thanks to Paul for his time and to Burton for organising ???

Had a hospital appointment at 16.30 in Lincoln (good news is I’ll live, probably) so couldn’t make it tonight. Not sure whether I would have benefited from Paul’s knowledge or been frightened at what I’ve bought. Really disappointed at missing out on the great Tech Night atmosphere though and the Ruby Murray buffet.

Look forward to seeing a report on the evening if there is one. Might just read it with one eye.

I’ll try to post this once.

Thanks for a good evening Paul and Many thanks for showing us how much oil was in my diff and the refill