Buying at auction

Anyone on here bag this Vspec? Seems a bargain if the description is accurate.

Had been watching but nervous about bidding unseen. Anybody have any advice re buying at auction?

MOT history of that one is interesting, 6 fails since 2014. Seems they like to put it in to get a fail then retest! Not MOT’d Dec 2018 to Jun 2021?

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I just bought an SUV at auction, but was there in person and knew what I was buying. Most modern newish cars I would risk buying unseen if the paperwork added up. Could be unlucky and buy a bad one, but with service history, salvage reports, mot history all available online you should be OK 90% of the time (is it worth the 1 in 10 risk? Depends on price and your risk appetite).

However, when you get to 10 years plus old and particularly with a make/model known for rust or other faults, then I would not like to buy unseen without warranty or guarantee. But again, if it is cheap enough and you can afford to lose on a gamble, then why not? Maybe you can land a peach.

15 year old £50k Ferarri I would pass on, 15 year old £1k Mazda, yes, why not.


Yes, £1k with MOT for a few months of summer top down fun is a price I’d happily pay. Hammer must have been around the 900 mark.


Does look cheap doesn’t it. Even if the thing was almost scrap it would be worth several hundred for breakers.

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It certainly has got me thinking along a different line re buying my first mk1.
With a budget of £6k, was looking for top condition requiring little work. Maybe I’ll consider the reverse now.

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That is the beauty of having a “toy” car. You can take your time, and if it is off the road for a week while parts or tools are being delivered then it is no biggy. Not like your daily driver which needs minimal downtime.

If you do buy a “fixer upper”, you will probably reach a point where you have spent more on bits than buying a sorted one might have cost you. And you will have ploughed hours of work into it…but the upside is you will know far more about your car than the average owner and will have a sense of pride that mere car owners can’t imagine.


Might have to wait for retirement (or another lockdown) to have the time to tinker. Have a list of weekend chores set by my better half that I haven’t yet started…