Cadwell Park 7th December Anyone Going?

Will be my first trackday. 

Did Cadwell with the OC earlier this year - cracking!

No chance to get there sadly… I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.

Get a session of instruction if it’s available; much more useful for first time at a track than changing suspension/turbo etc etc, plus you’ll enjoy your day much much more.

Cheers, Tim

Hi Tim,

Yes I’ve pre-booked some instruction, and I hope to take that up after I’ve done a few laps to get used to the car on track.  Fingers crossed for a chance to do some laps in the dry!

This first outing will be with a completely stock car just to see what it’s capable of.

Really looking forward to it, it’s been a long time coming!



Managed to stay right way up and on the track!  Very lucky with the weather, dry and some sun, with 8°C highs, although the track was damp and greasy.  Only 29 cars booked (they can take 75 IIRC), so track time plentiful and traffic free laps numerous.  Several offs during the day and resultant track closures, but none serious thankfully.  Staff were excellent.

My best lap was about 12 seconds slower than I’ve seen standard 2.0 NCFLs do in the dry, so clearly plenty of work to do.

Can’t wait to go back when the temps have risen in April or May. 

In car video including my fastest lap

Great fun innit Geoff?!?!?


Glad the weather held for you - the lack of traffic looked excellent.

I did like your wave (at a marshal, or friend!) towards the end of video - not sure I’d have been that brave just before the twisty bits - ;-))


The OC have 3 visits to Curborough next year, plus Blyton & Croft, and discounted events (Oulton and Brands I think) towards the end of the year also… lots to save up for… no ore socks at Christmas, just ask for donations towards track-days 


I hope to get a session in at Mallory or Blyton over Christmas… depending place availability and weather.


EDIT - If you stayed on track and didn’t spin, you weren’t pushing hard enough!!! 


All the best, Tim

Wife!  She was feeling sick as my passenger!

My X’mas list has now been amended accordingly!

Thanks Tim





Well Tim (and Geoff)… It sounds like we need to sort a trip to Donington then.  I have been to Donington and Castle Combe since my gearbox ate itself on the the way to Cadwell Park. Castle Combe in the wet was a bit interesting… more like a scrap yard by the end of the day.

Glad you got back on the road Si… your turbo’d Mk3 has got some serious grunt!


Donny sold out for 29th Dec (Javelin)

Still places at Blyton 28th and Mallory 30th… will be keeping an eye on the weather 

Definitely.  Want to get the car fully sorted and master Cadwell first though. 

Toasted my brake pads at Cadwell; I didn’t actually realise until the gentle bimble home, nowhere near the same amount of bite.  Going to stick a set of EBC Yellows in on new std discs and have the current discs resurfaced as spares.


Have you thought about about RX8 callipers and discs? I have had mine on a while now and have never have brake fade and only run bog standard pads although I do have high temp fluids. Its a very easy change, I think it cost me about £100 for a compete (second hand)  set inc callipers, rebuild kit,  discs and pads. 


I had intended to change as little on the car as required.  I’m aware of the conversion already.  Would the standard pads cope with the three c.100 to 40mph brake applications per 2mins of Cadwell?

If you are going from 100 to 40 anywhere at Cadwell you are doing it wrong and 3 times would make for a seriously powerful car. 

The “danger” of RX-8 brakes is that you create an imbalance to the rear. I would just look at better pads before you start down that path. 


Let me review my video and get exact (well, speedo) figures:

100mph+ down to 80mph for Coppice

100mph+ down to 45mph? for Park

80mph down to 40mph for the bottom of Gooseneck

80mph to 55mph? for the Hairpin


As the temps were low and the track was damp in places I didn’t feel confident taking Park any quicker. I can assure you it wasn’t ‘wrong’ for me. 

The RX-8 brakes also add unsprung weight.

A couple of things…

please do not fit RX8 as you said un-sprung weight will spoil the car. Do not fit EBC they WILL fall apart… ask on the Facebook mk3 group for pad recommendations. There is some track proven pads available 


I strongly advise some tuition…coppice is a ‘lift’ in the damp & flat in the dry

Yes I’ve heard that.  I’ve also heard from people that have no issue with them at all.  I think first hand experience is what I need.

Had a look, wants me to join to post, and I’m quite a private person so that’s out.  I’ll ask here on the forum.

I did get tuition, the only person to do so despite there being about half a dozen newbies that day.  I was also the only driver to display a novice sticker.

I’ll paraphrase what I said to NickD, I took the section at a speed I was comfortable with, what with it being a non-competitive fun day out and all.  I’ve no doubt that every single section of track can be driven better than I did, it would be a little odd if that weren’t the case.