Calke Abbey National Trust afternoon meeting - Tuesday 13th September 2022

Phil and I (Charlotte) are going to Calke Abbey National Trust on Tuesday 13th September 2022

For those interested in joining us we will be leaving from the Co-Op Car Park in Lichfield (Post Code: WS14 9XU) at 11:30 am, for a short drive (about 1 hour) to Calke Abbey

It will be nice to have a chat and spend some time wandering around the house and gardens, as well as the obligatory visit to the restaurant

Everyone is welcome :hugs:

If you would like to come along please reply below

Charlotte x

Coming along:
Phil & Charlotte
Roy & Lynn
Garry & Sue
Keith & Elaine
Pat & Wayne
Mike & Margret
Graham & Sue ( meeting us at Calke Abbey)
Derek & Janet
David & Jane

I will have to check our holiday dates but if we are clear I would like to attend we are both trust members and it one of are trust likes let you know soon :wink:

Hi Phil & Charlotte
Count us in for the Calle Abbey run
Roy & Lynn

Thanks for the replies

Roy & Lynn - Added you to the list
Viking - If you are coming can you tell me who you are please

Charlotte x

Hi Charlotte. Unfortunately Jim and I can’t make this one. I’m going to chatsworth with local coffee club and paid my money. Hopefully the next mid week one. See you soon

Sorry we cannot make that.

Hi Phil and Charlotte
Please add us to the list.
Keith and Elaine.

Hello All
I will not be attending the Calke Abbey meeting. However it is a fantastic building,
the grounds are magnificent, great for running & walking also cycling.
I have suggested to Iain that Calke Abbey would make a future Rally venue,
plus it is close to the Donington circuit.
Your thoughts?

I completely agree, it’s our local NT, less than 15 mins drive away. Regularly visiting for walks etc, they have loads of open space ideally flat to host a rally.
It’s a case of do they want a rally, do they need a rally?
I know they have the occasional open air concerts, mainly evening affairs, so I suppose it depends on the local authorities, traffic management and all that stuff.

Hi Charlotte We would like to join you but we will meet you at Calke Abbey Sue Graham

They do host public events there (road races etc) but the parking does spill over to the area as you drive up to the main car park, which would most likely have to be used as a rally meet point.
Parking then becomes a problem for the visiting public who want to view Calke Abbey and the MX5 community.
But unless you ask, you never get!!:+1:.

Hi Charlotte,
Please add Janet & I to the list. Been before but well worth another visit.

Hi Derek

I have added you and Janet to the trip to Calke Abbey


Hi Charlotte
Can you please add Jane and I to the list for Calke Abbey
David & Jane

Hi Charlotte,

Can you add me to this run please

Chris Davis

Hi David & Jane

Your added to Calke Abbey
Charlotte x

Hi Chris

Just added you

Charlotte x