Calling out all ND experts! [Hopefully back into MX5 ownership soon!]

This is a normal feature of a floating caliper braking system, the pads don’t wear out evenly.

A regular owner maintenance operation, frequency depending on the environment the car lives in.

Sounds like you’ve got yourself a lovely car with an excellent ownership experience - which is not unexpected.

And also, thank you very much for your input/sharing your experience

Just a lil update, just got back from fitting the Superpro bushes… the difference is night and day! the back of car feels solid now… no knocks at all… Very happy chappy

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Thats great news! Thank you very much for the update

Just came back from Mazda Swansea (about 8 hours roundtrip and 500 miles) - I’m disappointed to say still no RF for me. I was getting a 70 reg RF 1.5 in Soul Crystal Red with about 40k miles, it was a long drive so I made it clear to the salesman that the condition had to be right so I asked for an accurate description - I was told it was a super clean car - I thought ‘Great! Surely he wouldn’t let me drive down for 4 hours only to be disappointed’ - well that’s exactly what happened. I was there for a whole 30 seconds before I spotted major lacquer peel on the front bumper - to say I’m disappointed is a huge understatement - I know this keeps coming up in this topic - the standard of cars is really dropping!! But prices are not…


I trust you’ll be making a complaint? That’s ridiculous! Mazda Swansea is my local dealer, and i dont rate them… they had my car for a week in order to fix the issue with the roof rubbing against the rollbars. Im not sure what they did, but the issue still remains… useless.


I’ve left a review on Google, not sure who to complain to to be honest - it won’t get me my time back unfortunately.

That is shocking that is! I hope your issue gets resolved though!

I know you’re really after the RF in black/white/red but have you considered finding a car in the condition you’re after and then getting it wrapped to the colour choice (or resprayed) at some point in the future so you can have the enjoyment now and the aesthetics later? (unless you do end up continuing with your soft top idea).

A quick search of RFs around Docaster came up with this:

Looks nice in the photos, but certainly not black, white or red (or admittedly the trim, 1.5 etc. you were after) :smiley:
(of course I really like that colour of blue personally so it’s probably why it caught my eye most :wink: ).

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I would be willing to look at something outside my preferences for the right deal, but £14k for a 17 plate seems like an awful lot of money for what is essentially a 7 year old car now. I do appreciate your input, and I have looked at 2.0 and blue cars, but ultimately (considering I don’t necessarily need to get out of my car in a rush) I feel like I would rather keep looking until I find something suitable - my Scirocco R although not an MX-5, has all maintenance including preventative maintenance all up to date and should be good for a while before it ‘expires’ :joy:

There are some things you should never say ! :wink:

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I’ve bought one! But not yet seen it or driven it… :joy:

I’ve put a deposit down on a 19 reg 1.5 Sport RF in white with full Mazda service history, seems to be in decent condition too - the dealer has kindly provided detailed photos of any and all imperfections on the paintwork and all I’ve seen is a couple chips on the drivers door, a couple chips on drivers side wing and a small scratch on the drivers side wing. The deposit is of course fully refundable subject to condition.

The car is currently going through ‘the process’ and I don’t yet know when I’m due to collect but hopefully all goes without issues and I can finally get myself in an RF within the next few weeks!

I’ll keep you posted!


That’s good news. Fingers crossed for you that it lives upto expectations :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve picked up my RF this morning! Literally just came back from a short little drive down some of my favourite roads just local to me and this thing drives like an absiolute champion! It feels better than my previous RF which loved to understeer. I’m thinking the previous owner may have had a proper alignment done. This RF also has the sound pipe in place - I love it! Theres a nice intake growl in the mid range, I love it!

I must admit, a few weeks ago I went and drove an RF demonstrator which was up for sale for about £23k - only 3k miles on the clock - it pains me to say this, but that car alone almost put me off MX-5s completely! I don’t know what it was but it didn’t feel good. The steering didn’t feel good, the engine didn’t feel like it wanted to rev (perhaps not yet broken in/loosened up?), the gears didn’t feel quite right either and quite puzzling, the interior was very rattly, more so than the RF I ended up with.

All in all I am very happy that I stuck with the MX-5 and that I found this one - it drives absolutely amazing!!!


Looks nice, Interesting your assessment of a different ND you test drove, which felt wrong.
Best wishes for lots of happy years of NDing

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Not seen many RF’s in white. Looks decent

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Funny you said that, I never realised but yeah I’m not sure I’ve seen any other RF in white - they always seem to be grey.

Funnily enough this is my 2nd RF and the other one was also white! :joy:

My Dad also has a white RF. They do look good but I find the white really shows up the fake windows, which are less obvious on the darker shades.

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Totally agree with your statement!

I’m really not a dark shade kind of guy, but a few months ago went to look at a black RF and I loved it! I think literally because it hides the fake windows so well like you said. Prior to that I was completely ignoring black or grey RFs, but after seeing that one I was including them in my search