Cam chain reliability

Hi there, i was wondering…as our NC’s and ND’s are chain driven they should be hassle free, right?
Reason i ask is that i hear/read various horror stories of other chain driven cars; Volkswagen group, BMW and Alfa Romeo (others too probably…)leaving their owners with big bills for replacement chains or even worse internal damage on the engine. reasons are mostly chain tensioners and/or bad/plastic guidance parts . So far i haven’t read anything bad on our NC-ND models but it made me thinking about the “advantages” of a long life chain instead of a regular cambelt …

  1. My model of MX-5 is: nc__
  2. I’m based near:Belgium __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

Regular oil changes with the correct grade oil, keep it to the max mark on the dipstick.

Sit back and relax.:muscle:


Anecdotal evidence on the US forum suggests 200000 miles but some reports of mk3’s with 120 ish k developing rattle on startup. As above good oil and filter changed regularly should see no problems

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The timing chain is the least of your worries, plenty of other things to be wary about though.

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Thx guys :+1:, that’s exactly what i wanted to read…gives me confidence and as i maintain my car properly it should be (distributionwise) hassle-free.