Cambridge meet and anyone else - How is everyone doing?

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well.

We will not be having our normal monthly meeting next Tuesday but thought I would ask how everyone is doing in these strange times.

Personally things have not changed a lot as I am still going to work each day. I have managed to get several jobs done at home while not going out at other times. Hilly is at home as she cannot do her work so the house is now shining.

MX5 wise - you never know I may even clear and polish it - what have I said :slight_smile:

How is everyone else doing?

Stay safe


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Hi everyone

We are both well, Bill is still working, at least he is in the right profession for social distenancing. Have spoken to a few people, everyone is ok.

MX sorned, will give her her Spring polish and then back into the garage, hopefully back on the road in the Autumn when we have a holiday booked in Yorkshire.

See you all soon on the other side. Take care and stay safe.

Bill and Sue

Good to hear from you

Keep safe

Andrew & Hilly

Hi Everyone,

Well, having been away since January and only getting back this Tuesday, we have managed to miss most of the excitement! Mind you, we did suffer as we were on board a cruise when all of the ports started shutting. We were in Indonesia and the company cancelled the cruise so we came straight home, 30 days at sea non-stop other than a refuel and stores replenish. Hate to tell you, but we partied every day with no social distancing. Certified virus free by Indonesian health and also the ships doctor when we got back to Tilbury!

The Mk4 is in secure storage in Norfolk so can’t go get it which is a pain as I will have to continue paying the storage costs! I had to get the Mk1 out of the garage so uncovered it, undid the battery minder, turned the ignition on and left it for 20 seconds. Started first time but ran a little lumpy until I blipped the throttle, then all was smooth. Garage access was needed to get access to the satellite dish as it was pointing skyward after the storms earlier in the year (we were in the Bay of Biscay in a Gale Force 12 at the time of the UK storms - “interesting” is the only way to describe being thrown out of your chair! Didn’t spill the G&T though).

As soon as the satellite engineer left, I reluctantly put the Mk1 back in the garage and recovered it. It’s SORN and the MOT is about to expire, otherwise I may have been tempted to run it around the block but Mr Sensible Voice took over!

Hoping you are all coping with everything that is going on and looking forward to the Club Meets once we get released.