Anyone sorted out a suitable campsite for the weekend?
One that has no speed bumps on entry, doesn’t mind drunken barbies etc etc, and is not tooooo far from the venue?
Or have I just volunteered myself for the job?[:S]

Not seen anything on here as yet, but Im up for camping again [:D]

You know it makes sense…  [6]

There is a feature in STHT which is out next week, as well as a Spring Rally flyer with more info and booking forms.  Not sure if camping is on it, not got it handy but we will put all the info on here as well whatever it is…!

Nought about camping as we have decided not to spoon feed you all.  The idea is… you surf the net and find a campsite that suits your needs.  Post it on here and start your own gathering.  Then we are willing to give you the use of a gazebo and gas bbq, delivered and taken away by one of our members… this way you can travel lighter and not have any issues with disposing of hot coals around your tents.  hope this helps

Well, I would have thought that this being a club event, the club may have been interested in having a bit more input on arranging a central campsite, rather than saying you are not going to spoon feed us all [:|]

In my view, it also adds to the value of the event when something like this is arranged in conjunction with the main event.



Disapointing response from the organisers, but I’ve ust found a previous thread on a different forum site - I haven’t checked any sites, but it looks promising


Here is a list of B & B's and camping venues for the weekend. All these are within ten minutes of Elvington!

Lynne Sagar Bed and Breakfast at KEXBY
Bed and Breakfast at Kexby near York on A1079
01579 380247, 07808590703

Swallow Hall Caravan Park
01904 448219
Wheldrake Lane, Crockey Hill, York, YO19 4SG

Westerly Lake Fishing and Caravan Park
Telephone: 01904 448500

Manor Farm HouseManor Farm House
Main St
Sutton on Derwent, York, YO41 4BN
01904 608009?

Elvington Camp Site - now fully booked

Old Gate House
Weldrake Lane, York, YO41 4AZ
01904 608 225?

Travel lodge - near Tadcaster - about 25 minutes away by van! - 15 in a car!

Ive looked int this

Most the Premier Inn £78 Travel Lodges are £69 for the saturday night per room


camping looks a good option (and cheap)

google says

 Both have camping and are about 3 miles from the airfield just off th A1079

Hotels In the center of york are very pricey £100+ per room




On reflection, perhaps “spoon feed” was a poor turn of phrase but my intentions were honourable.  It’s not that we are not interested in having input it’s that I believe the people that camp know better than me as to what you want for your pound.  You have at your fingertips the exact same information on the internet as I do.  You can see facilities and costing and are, as campers, best placed to choose your campsite. 

You will also find that we are not giving out lists of hotels and B&B’s as these are also available to you with facilities and prices.  Only you as an Area / group know what you want to pay and how far you are willing to be from the event to get that better deal.  You are all coming from different directions so your needs are different.

You will argue that it’s the way it’s been done before and I agree… but just take a moment to reflect on this.  At a recent Rally we travelled down and spent our hard earned cash on a suggested travel lodge and then talking to other members at the Rally we discovered we could have paid a third less just by being 10 miles further down the road.  Entirely our own fault for not researching deeply enough but a valuable lesson learnt.

It may be disappointing to some of you but we do not have the time to research all avenues in all directions form the event centre but I would add that all AC’s that attended the last Meeting received a brief on camping stating that 6 are listed on the Yorkshire Air Museum website and that we were willing to loan you our personal BBQ’s and gazebo’s so save you having to bring them yourselves.

Please remember we are a Club which is like a big team… team work works both ways so you can also add value to the event by doing some of the time consuming things for yourselves.  We are doing our best to put on a top weekend for you but I’m sorry to say that we can’t do it all. 

If I haven’t totally p’d you off and you are still thinking of coming here are some useful links

Air Museum:

Yorkshire Tourist Board:


It is looking like you have now [:P]

Not put me off at all Mick, I will be there for sure [:D] Just a tad surprised at the lack of club input into it, even if it was a case of “this campsite has a rally field, is 3 miles from the rally, and costs £15 a night. All meet here!”

Enjoyed camping too much on both of last years rallies for that to happen [;)] And it will be a couple of days escape for me too1


I would volunteer to organise something, but I reall dont have enough hours in the day as it is. The missus gave birth to twins in November, and we have a 2 year old, and 4 others from 8 to 17 years old, so its a bit mad [:|]

Had a quick look at the sites nearby, and this one looks okay, and it has a rally field [:D]





Yes please go for it Hovis… it would very much help us and the Club in gerneral


I do get your points super dad !!!  Twins, fantastic but now up tp 7 kiddy winks… wow !!! - you are a braver man than me. 

Hopefully Hovis can commit to this task and as a member of the club, it will indeed be club input… cop out I know [:D]

Fair enough.
 I’ll have some time this week to do an initial trawl round and see if I can’t cut a deal or two here and there.
I’ll get back to you soon.

Top man [:D]

I know from past events that camping is a good laugh, but if we all book campsites all over then we all get split up which is not good fun.

Its nice for someone with local knowledge to organise a campsite that they may know as internet sites sometimes make things look good but arn’t.

We as campers dont ask for much toilet and showers if possible dont even require electric, just a gas bbq and where away.

Cheers to all

Ian Nem area

Hi Ian… again a point well made, which is why I thought it would be best coordinated on here by one guy, this should get you all to the same place.  It has worked like this before so nothing new here apart from no recommendations from me other than to point you to the websites that have that info (after a little prodding that is).  Hovis has graciously agreed to run with this so once he’s done he deal brokering I can visit his preferred site if needed (the problem with local knowledge is the word local… when we camp we camp else where, locally we tend to stay in our homes). The way I see it, campers have a vested interest in the planning and coordinating, it gets you all talking to each other, reminiscing or just general banter on how many sleeps it is before you all meet up for the tented party.  You can also use this thread to coordinate any meeting points on route here or we might even start a new thread for that.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>

 Relax guys,it might take a little while, but I’ve done this before, I’ll sort out a friendly site that will accomodate all us campers in one place so we can have  great weekend - might not be the nearest to the venue, but hey ho.  I’m not without a bit of local knowledge (my mother came from east yorkshire, I still have many friends and relatives not too far away from the venue) so choices won’t be that uneducated, but it can take a bit of negogiation.  What would help would be an indication of numbers as soon as possible.  Going on experience of the last few spring rallies, I’d reckon on about 30 odd cars worth of tent occupants - sound reasonable to everyone?  If so, I have to say that this usually scares a lot of sites - they assume midnight drunken orgies (so do I but so far they have failed to manifest themselves) and in some cases, that sort of number is around 80% of their capacity, so it’s not easy.
Bear with me.

Nice one Hovis.

 I went to the last 2 rallies and camped, 30 cars sounds about right to me