Can I put '99 Mk2 1.8 brakes on a '96 Mk1 1.6

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Monaco
  2. I’m based near: Blackpool
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Brake transplant

I have a spare set of standard calipers, discs and pads from a '99 Tenth Anniversary Edition, and a '96 Monaco that has a numb and heavy brake pedal. So the plan is to introduce one to the other. I realise I’ll need new brackets for the calipers, but will the better brakes help remove the numbness and heaviness?

Hmm, first check the brake servo is working correctly.

If you are unsure about how to do this I suggest you seek professional help because it is a safety item!

Hi, yes the mk2 disks, pads, and calipers will fit onto the '96 mk1. But as Richard says above you might want to take a look at what is wrong with the current setup first. In order to fit 1.8 brakes onto a 1.6 you don’t need the calipers, just the carriers. These will space the calipers out to accommodate the larger disks. mk2 pads will need to be used.

Mk1 1.6 brakes are actually not bad, so I would first visually check your current setup for plenty of pad life, then remove the calipers to clean the sliders and grease then with the proper brake grease, then bleed the brakes thoroughly. Whilst you are at the rear brakes take a moment to re-adjust the freeplay in the pads with an allen key so that when you push on the pedal you’re not taking up lots of slack all the time.
Finally check the state of the vacuum tube between the engine and brake servo to make sure it’s in good condition. If this is bad then you will probably have a rough running engine as a clue anyway.

If you do that list of routine maintenance (which should cost you only about £12 in grease and brake fluid) and the brakes still feel bad then take a look at the pedal freeplay in the footwell.

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Hello BARMY1
If you need some professional help get in touch with CBS Autos Nelson BB9 7BJ
01282 697413 ask for Carl.

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I had a 1.6 NA and I changed the disks and pads for “standard” ones from MX5 Parts. As the car did not have ABS, the brakes were easily capable of locking the wheels in the dry, so the “standard” brakes are not the limiting factor for braking.

I agree with the above, look at the current system before changing anything. Has the brake fluid been changed in the last couple of years? do they need bleeding? what is the condition of all the disks/pads/pipes etc?

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Thanks Keith. I’ve needed professional help for 40+ years since meningitis left me with bipolar disorder!

After 50 years of successfully communicating with people from all walks of life, I really tried, several times, to communicate with Carl, and to my discredit, I failed.