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So here’s a thing. It’s time to renew the car insurance. I have a multi car policy with the 2014 MX5 and a 2013 Citroen DS3 on. I am using my 9years NCD and have earn’t 1 year NCD on renewal which has been applied to the DS3. My wife has recently sold here own car and has 8 years NCD in her own name from the policy in her name. Are you still with me!!!
So I called multi car policy provider to apply my wifes 8 year NCD and the renewal price actually went up.

Can anybody explain?

Seems madness to me!
So how many cars on the Multi policy still 2?
Not too sure who your policy is with?
But I am with Admiral as a few others on here.
I paid £421.32 last year for My MX5 with mods, a Volvo V60 AND my House insurance with full accidental for contents and buildings. Whenever they send out the renewal, I get on the phone and they ALWAYS reduce it to an acceptable level.
Depends where you live etc etc of course.

I feel your pain. I had similar with aviva. Car was cheaper to insure for my wife with 0 ncb and a recent prang than for me with 3 years ncb and no accidents.

I knew having danger as my middle name would come back to bite me

I can understand the price going up to an extent…

When it was just you on the policy only one car could be in use at any one time.
So they were technically only really insuring one vehicle at any one time.
Therefore the risk was lower.

Now there are two people on the policy both cars can be used simultaneously.
So they are now having to actually insure both simultaneously.
Therefore the risk as gone up.

I hope that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:
(I know I have ignored the possibility of someone hitting it when it is not in use)

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I can’t see how you can apply your wife’s NCD to that of your two cars, presumably with your two cars on the policy? Or have misunderstood you?


I was thinking the same, but wasn’t sure I’d read the post correctly.Your wife is more likely to be using your cars even more than if she was a previously named driver, or that’s what the insurance company will think.

I’ll try to explain. We had 3 cars in the family. My wife had a car on her own insurance policy and built up 8 years NCD. I was named driver on that policy. We also had the MX5 and DS3 on this multi car policy with LV. This policy is in my name with my wife as a named driver. So we could drive any of the 3 cars. My wife’s car has been sold and I am trying to utilise her NCD as I understand you lose it if you don’t use it after a couple of years. LV are happy to apply her NCD but bizarrely the price went up.

Just done separate quotes and it works out £96 cheaper with two separate policies with the same insurance company. Go figure

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When you name a person has a named driver your normally asked if they have their own car so that puts them has a occasional driver on yours, but now your wife has sold her car they will probably be seen by the insurance company has more likely to be using yours. So it wouldn’t surprise me for my premium to go up.

If I understand correctly you had 2 cars separate policies and your wife had one with her car.
She no longer has the car.
You still have 2 cars and 2 policies in your name? (As you can’t insure 2 cars on 1 policy).
I believe you are trying to use your wife’s NCD on one of your cars.
Therefore, one of your policies will lapse?
In which case she will not be the registered keeper and owner and therefore by using her NCB to insure one of YOUR cars, this is probably why.
Or I have completely misunderstood.

I always thought NCD belongs to the person who’s taking the insurance policy out, not transferable from one person to another?
My only example of using NCD to an advantage was my own onto another car of mine, it was called mirroring NCD.

Ok things could have changed or companies take a different approach.

That makes the idea of a multi car policy a waste of time. If you call the company on the phone hopefully a person will be able to apply some logic to save you looking elsewhere…

Have you tried one car insured by you the second insured under your wifes name that way you both earn NCD then if cheaper you can still pool both policies into a multi-car discount that’s what me and the wife do.

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Maybe they have seen your wife’s driving? :scream: :rofl:

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I’ve looked at multi car policies from various insurance companies and could not find one that was cheaper than my two separate policies. Some were significantly more expensive.
Whatever algorithm the insurance companies use seems to be unfathomable and defies logic.

The risk to the insurer is exactly the same whether you have them on the same policy or separately. It was just a bit of a gimmick to have one premium and one renewal date for convenience. Always price them separately to check against any perceived discount.

Aviva do multicar discount but the renewals are due on different times of they year.So check the renewal against other quotes then deducting my multicar discount see if it works out cheaper if it does all good if it doesn’t move on. The last couple of years have worked in my favour and like I said above don’t have to have both policies in my name, so both me and the wife earn NCD separately.

Insurance all seems a madness. I am with diamond and have to say they have been brilliant for multicar and adding additional drivers.

Not convinced about multicar. Yes it makes the admin easier for them and us, but this year it’s not cheaper for me. also have a £20 Shell petrol voucher if you buy via them ATM.

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Just purchased an MX5 and people suggested I should put it on my existing policy, as the MX5 would be a 2nd car. So rang Churchill thinking this would for straightforward. Jesus you would I was an alien, It took 3 attempts for them to understand that this was a 2nd car - She stuggled to understand when I told here I worked for the NHS …“would that be classed as healthcare” ?

Then she applied My NCB - to the 2nd car - I had to tell her that wasn’t correct…

I then asked if they do multicar “yes but they have to be on separate policies” …its not multicar then is it ?

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