Car selling PerSec risk

Apologies for poor image, taken by Iphone off my weekly rag.

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Good point, it’s something a good few wouldn’t bother doing.

I updated my daily drivers nav maps last week, it said you will lose data stored in the unit during the update process, it didn’t.
I then went through everything it had stored in the favourites including phones I had pared up to it. It’s amazing the addresses I’d got saved, all deleted now.


When I sold a car last year I cleared out the history and then reset the sat nav ‘home’ address to a certain store that sells products for consenting adults… :joy:


Bad lad.
Excellent though.
Could have done the nearest STD clinic though!

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When I brought the Jag, the sat nav had a list of addresses previously visited, mostly dodgy looking houses in Liverpool. Wasn’t sure if the owner was collecting rent or they were knocking shops.

I was surprised that my NC3 (bought from a Mazda main dealer) still had all the previous destinations, etc, stored in the satnav.

I know that BMW dealers (and hopefully most others) wipe any personal information from second-hand cars that they sell, not least because not doing so could easily lead to a GDPR breach.

I’ve been very careful to delete all personal information from any cars that I have sold privately. And “Home” on my satnavs always points to a business address close to where I live, not to my house.

In all of my sat navs. have set home address as local cop shop