Car SOS - New Series 14th Feb

It looks like Car SOS is back with a new series, starting this evening on National Geographic.

I haven’t read all of the details yet, but at quick glance there seem to be a couple of special episodes followed by the usual format.


I’ve put it on record so I can FF the bits when Tim Shaw does all his stupid stuff.

A respect Fuzz who comes across as sincere and genuine. His sidekick is an utter mismatch. One of these people who thinks he’s funny, but he is his own one man fan boy club. 

I’ll give it a go, but also record so I can zip past that clown.  

Very poor showing in my opinion, seemed like a rip off of Top Gear and that’s pretty done to death and dead now.

Not waiting with baited breath for the second episode

I watch this program to see Fuzz doing a good job of renovating cars not to see Tim Shaw asking Ross Kemp stupid questions. What a waste of time!

I watched part 2 of the special prog from Gaydon, it didn’t get any better. To see Fuzz reduced to trying to start the LR by changing the condeser with a pair of pliers was sad. That’s about all he did spanners wise and I think that was a bluff just to add to the excitement or should I say drama, “will it or won’t it start we’ve got 30 mins left”

Still I’ll watch the rest of the series but deffo on record to again FF the pratting about.