Castrol Magnatec

Just a head up chaps, 1/2 price Magnatec at Tesco’s, £9 for 2 litres, 10-40 fully synthetic.

hope i’ve posted in the right area.


Roger Hawkins

99 mk2 Classic red,jenvey throttle bodies, adaptronic ecu, lightweight flywheel, koni sport suspension, hard dog roll bar.

thanks Roger, been waiting for the price to drop.

I bought 4.5 or 5 litres container in December from halfords for £17.50 & nearly died of fright last month when i bought a litre for top up use.

Hi Roger, if you are going to get some you really need to get 3x 2L as you will need some topping-up oil for Germany, last time I looked it was 27.40 euro/ Litre over there: 

Yikes! Shock