Catback exhaust says its only for mk2.5

Hiyas. So, there is a catback exhaust system by Japspeed that I like, but there is an issue. The exhaust says its only for the 2001-2005 models (mk2.5). So I am wondering if i can put it on my mk2.

Cheers, Sam.

No you can’t (no as a direct fit anyway), the later cars have an extra flange after the cat whereas the earlier ones are one piece.

Do you have any suggestions of how I can put it on the mk2? Is there any possible way?

The easiest way is to buy one that is a direct fit, but otherwise you will need to modify it.

Thats the problem. There are not catback exhaust systems for the mk2.

You could go with the Moss Cobalt system. That goes from the manifold back, does not come cheap and the mk2 is limited by manifold type but it might be worth a look?