Cayman to MX 5 Mk3 change

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Hi Leo

I did the same I was running a 2010 Cayman S for 2 years but it was just too nice to take on regular track days. So I sold it and bought a 2010 NC coupe. ( the one with the folding hard top) It has a BBR conversion running 207BHP and a few other sensible mods. Probably done 10 trackdays in it in 18months and much happier with cost of consumables such as tyres and brakes.

I can honestly say I prefer it as a daily driver to the Cayman, You can thrash it without getting into go to jail territory, I love the hard top / no top options and the feedback for me is better than the Cayman. You might appreciate the extra size and space in the mk3 coming from a Cayman. My MX5 NC always makes me smile even though the wife hates it LOL I am in Grays Essex if you are over this way and want a look



Thanks for the offer Steve. Forum has been a great help and got a few offers already! I might take you up on yours. Did you buy with the BBR conversion already done ? I do like the directness of the Cayman, plus how planted it is on the road. From what I’m hearing stock MX5’s will be a bit more of a puppy so to speak if you push them which I don’t mind. Though I’d look to try and eliminate any body roll ASAP.

I had a Cayman S for a while, loved it to bits, but the consumables were a bit high for all the trackdays days I was doing.

I’m now running a 2006 NC which is about to get the BBR 200 setup. The handling is excellent Bilstein damper and Eibach 30mm lowering spring, front brakes are now RX8 320mm units.

For the cost of one Cayman N0 Michelin tyre I now buy 4 Toyo Proxes Sports for the NC, much better bet for a pensioner!

You’ll miss the grunt, but the handling definitely makes up for it.

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Hi Leo , I bought the MX5 with the conversion already done, it also has Ohlins suspension which is easily adjustable from the top. Body roll is not an issue at all with this set up. On the road I run the suspension soft and it is ideal for the UK road conditions. on the track I firm it up which takes about 2 mins. It also has soft rubber and upgraded brake pads.

The 2010 cayman S is often said to be the best version as it has hydraulic steering and the slightly smaller diameter wheels improve the ride over the 19 and 20 fitted to latter versions. My 2010 was a manual and I did find the clutch hard work in traffic and it was quite tall geared meaning I ended up going very quickly all to often. The Cayman is better finished inside and the cockpit is a nice place to be. But I do find I actually enjoy driving the MX5 NC more . Its definitely easier to put it exactly where you want. lighter on the clutch and gearbox action. I find the feedback better than the Cayman although overall I am sure the Cayman would be faster on the track.

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Hi Mike

With my BBR conversion it has three settings on the ECU that you can change using the steering wheel controls . 1 Eco 95 Unleaded. 2 Max performance 95 unleaded and 3 Max performance 97 unleaded. On setting 2 there is an auto blipper that revs the engine for down changes. I find this a pain as sometimes it revs as you are braking before the change which pushes you into the corner. If possible I would ask BBR to set level 2 without this feature. Other than that 2 years in and about 10 trackdays the car is going great.

Steve, what steering wheel controls do they use?

Hi Steve, I have a funny feeling I know your car! Is your NC grey with Team Dynamic wheels and an Alcantara steering wheel?

when I first had auto blip on mine I found that. I realised I was on the clutch pedal. It seems to work on the clutch switch. Answer is to use the clutch properly and stop having your foot on the pedal when you’re not pushing it down