Change of profile

This may be a daft question but how do you change your profile?  Been to edit profile but that does not work.  Want to remove the Doris and use nickname instead.  Can this be done?

go to edit profile, about, name - to whatever. don’t forget to save before you exit

thanks done it. Now how about adding a little pic or photo - cannot seem to load it up on the avatar. Come back with error or something tecky

Hi Jason, is this what you did?

Profile/avatar/browse your hard drive for a pic/upload? If so what was the actual message that you get. I can’t fix these sort of problems, but I know a man who can…

Do we need to re-size pic (if so, what is avatar pic size?), or does new forum auto size avatar pics?
I just used my small one I host on Photobucket.

auto sizes, 100x100 max… [:D]

I’m impressed! Makes it easier for the confused!
Does it auto-size posted pics too?

 Guys how do I do a clickable link in my sig like the mods have?
I want to link to my car on Cardomain like I did on the old forum.

Little Badgers Car

Type in what you want the link to look like

IE… Badgers Car

then type the URL

then highlight badgers car

click on link

paste the url into the box


Bobs you moms uncle 


I thorght Bob was your moms brother…[:S]

 Nope, Bob’s your Monkhouse.

The Beast
Right I can do it in a post but how do I do it in my Sig.
I don’t see the link option?


[ url=]The Beast[/url]
Type that into the sig box (without the space before the first url)

Thanks Halli.

 Happy to help [Y]