changed head unit, and part of 'trim' missing!

OK, so I changed out my headunit for a Sony unit this morning on my mk3, and I have a piece of ‘trim’ missing

I followed the online instructions to remove the stock unit, by first removing the trim under the steering wheel. All good. But underneath the plastic I was expecting a metal piece that needed four screws taking out to remove. Nope, thats missing! As was the screw into the side of the headunit

So, what is the purpose of the metal piece under the steering wheel, do I need it, and if so whats it called so I can have a look for one?

I could be wrong but I think that piece appeared in the MK3.5 onwards which is why you didn’t find it (certainly the screw in the side and extra piece were not there in my mk3 Roadster but did appear in my 3.5)


Ah that’s interesting. I hadn’t seen mention of them being missing in the mk3. But if true, it puts my mind at ease. Be interesting to know why Mazda added the metal piece in later models

No metal plate on my 07 plate sport 

The 10mm bolt some are fitted some not, I had to remove a bolt (drivers side) on mine in order to withdraw the HU.

Well I did find it a bit odd, especially as it didn’t appear that the original headunit had ever been taken out.

But, thanks for the replies. I am relieved to know nothing is actually missing.

The Sony headunit works a treat, and I have retained steering wheel controls. The only thing I had to do was trim the edges of the removable side trim panels, as the replacement dash kit that the headunit and aircon controls attached isn’t correctly molded at the bottom to fit without me using my dremel. Shame, as otherwise it is made well