Changing HRW, Wiring from white connector to blue switch, 6 pin to 4 pin

Hi. I am a new member and owner of a 1994 1.8 Eunos Roadster.

The problem I am having, is because of the expense and availability of the “white” heated rear window switch, and that I have aquired a “blue” switch from my local scrapper for a couple of quid, I now need to know how to convert the wiring from 6 pin to 4 pin. I have the solonoid, from Dandy Cars, and although I am not bad at wiring ect, I am reluctant to start messing/testing, the white plug to find the pos & negs. As there are plenty of the 4 pin switches, this would be a good explanation to have on the site.

Anyone with any knowledge, and could inform, I would be most grateful.  Mikey.

Now, no problem, picked up a White switch for a fiver, from my local scrapper.