Christmas at the Brickworks Event

Dear All,

Just to let you know the details are now in for the Christmas at the Brickworks Event

Please view the details on the new website Events Calendar or use the link below, which will take you straight there - he says hopefully

Best Regards

Mal, Terry & Phill


Hi Mal

Will you be travelling to the brick works independently or will you be meeting up to travel in convoy?


Hi Colin,

Yes, hoping to meet up somewhere convenient and drive there in convoy.

Will post details, once finalised.



Hi Mal, Terry & Phill,

We’re looking forward to joining you at this event.

Best wishes,

Sally & Colin

Hi Mal

I will be there and also for s convoy drive if it’s arranged.

Kind regards


Hi Mal,

       I’m up for this one please.



Oxford Area have also arranged a visit.

Dear All,

By way of an update, Phill has confirmed that there will be no parking available in the actual Brickworks yard for this event, due to having Buses & Steam Engines in the yard but went onto say that we are welcome to park together and display our cars in the main car park

Also, the organisers will be delighted if we returned next year for an event in the main yard, as we did in this summer, which was an excellent 

However, Phill believes the entry fee is reduced to £3:00/adult and “The Meccano boys” are back, displaying their incredible creations in the Brickworks main building




Dear All,

I realise that in Post #4 I said we might travel in convoy to The Brickworks but on reflection, Terry and I chatted on this subject today and have decided that due to people arriving from various directions, it would be best if people made their own individual ways to The Brickworks and not travel in convoy.

Terry and/or I will get there before the alloted  opening time and secure our place in the car park, in the hope we can all park together.

On your arrival,  just make for the Solent Area Flag, which I will put up on arrival

If anything changes, we will update you via this thread and FB post…

Best Regards


Hi Folks,

By way of a further update. Phill has just come back to me and he thinks that, as the event is posted as being from 11am till 4pm…he guesses that they wont open the gates much before 10am.

So, Terry and/or I will get there to set up our pitch about 10:15 to 10:30 and others should aim to get there for just before 11:00, which is the official opening time.

Look forward to seeing you there

Best Regards 

Mal & Terry 

An absolutely fantastic visit to Bursledon Brickworks today, with thanks to Phill Upshall - aka “Philly Boy”??

A brilliant turn-out of cars from Solent Area and such was the success of this event parking became very tight, necessitating cars being re-directed to another car park. However, we were joined by a similar number of cars from Oxford Area and we managed to accomodate some of them in our area and then park the rest across the front of us all. 

 The Christmas event was brilliant, with a varied selection of crafts and gifts on offer, at very reasonable prices??

We were also able to partake in a coffee on the upper floor of the main building and this was accompanied by some rather lovely mince pies and gingerbread men, that Max and his mum, Helen, had kindly made for us to indulge in ??

All in all, an excellent day, at a very interesting venue, with live music and steam engines- what more could one ask for??