Christmas Greetings from 'Merlins'

Ladies / Gentlemen

Given that we, The West Norfolk Group, will not be celebrating the season of good cheer in our usual manner and are therefore not able to wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in person, I thought it fitting that a greeting via the Owners Club was the next best option.

So, here goes, Both Jen and Myself wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay Safe and Keep Well

Best Wishes

Barry and Jenny


Merry Christmas and a happier new year!!!

I can’t wait to get back to “Normal!”


Merry Christmas Barry & Jenny

And yes we all need a happier new year

Best wishes


Have a great Christmas everyone… might be the first time this year we can drink more alcohol than our hands! :beers:

Stay safe and hope to see you in 2021.

Jen & Phil

Merry Christmas Barry, Jenny and to you all!

Let’s hope for a return to normal in the New Year!

Stay Safe!

Ralph & Viv

Happy Christmas Barry and Jenny and to everyone from the Club

Looking forward to being able to see you all again in 2021

Happy New Year for 2021

Take Care and Best Wishes
Andy and Jo

Andy / Jo

Really looking forward to the day when we can get out and about and go for a proper drive.

2020 has been a real pain and as if Covid 19 were not enough, our lovely old house was flooded on the 23rd December, with pretty much all of the downstairs ruined, so Christmas was a proper ‘jolly’ affair, wet walls, wet floors, no carpets and very little furniture.

So all in all, it’s a great big Fxxx Off to 2020, and hope 2021 is better.

Catch you soon


Barry I’m sorry to hear of your flooding! Where are you based? It was touch and go around st Neots / Hilton too!! Luckily we are on a small hill!

Hi, We are based on ‘The Fens’ 5 miles west of Wisbech. As it transpires the prolonged and heavy rain was not the only cause of our problems, the Anglian Water rain water and foul drains were blocked and the result was that ourselves and a number of others had flooded gardens and, in some cases that led to houses being flooded.

We had the insurers ‘clean up’ team in yesterday who installed 3 monster dehumidifiers and measured damp levels, we had an 80% moisture level in both the floors and lower walls. The upshot being that we will be living in a ‘shell’ for anywhere between 4 and 8 months.

Many thanks for contacting us and showing your sympathy, it does help to know that people are concerned.

Kind regards


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Sorry to hear that Barry, not much you can do now until it dries up unfortunately.

I have a relative who owns a cottage out on the Broads and had some flooding on Christmas Eve - the water came up through the floor and they are now in the same situation as you, waiting for it to dry out and praying the water levels keep dropping.

All the best,

Phil & Jen

Hi Phil / Jen

That’s pretty much what happened here, thankfully, the water table has dropped by around 9 inches since the 23rd and we have additional pumping capacity having just bought 2 extra submersible pumps and 50 metres of hose. With any luck we should be able to keep some, if not all of the water away from the house.

Kind regards


Sorry to hear about the flood, very naughty of Anglian water. You are so right about 2020.



Life goes on and 2021 can only be better!



You have pm

Hi Barry

Sorry had not read about your flooding until now - is there anything that we can do?
Give Andy a ring on 07968150393
Do you need an additional subversive pump?
Thinking of you both
Andy and Jo x