Chrome fixings forward of boot

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2.5
  2. I’m based near: Southampton
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: what these chrome fixings are for - see photo and chrome fixing circle in black. I have googled and can see lots of images of boot racks but nothing showing what use these have other than decoration?

They’re for fitting a hardtop -they’re also known as Frankenstein bolts

This video shows how the hardtop connects to them:

If you are not using a hardtop, you can opt to take these standup bolts off, but you must plug the holes on the chrome plates with appropriate chrome screws. Readily available.

Mystery solved thanks

OK thanks

As Scottish Fiver says, but if you decide to remove them be prepared to ruin them in the process!, they were screwed in using a Philips screwdriver but they had locktite put on the threads so you’ll probably need a BIG set of stilsons to get them out/off! Let sleeping dogs lie in my personal opinion!



Did not know that.
Think I’ll leave my Mk1’s in place.
Hardly worth the risk of shearing one of them.

Will definitely leave them there - mystery solved for me as to what purpose they served.

thanks very much