Cleaning & adjusting Mohair roof

The roof on my mx5 is starting to show green ‘mould’ marks in the corners and joints. It is the origional hood on a 2004 euphonic, what is the best way to clean the hood? I have some autoglym hood cleaner and protector that came with the car, is this stuff any good?

 Also the hood is slightly saggy, is it possible to adjust the hood at all?

 Thanks for the help in advance.

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Is that a cloth hood or vinyl ?  I assume its cloth if its going a bit green.  I have an old cloth hood and last time I cleaned it all I used was regular car shampoo (meguiars), and then a cloths brush, gently scrubbing on the green bits… it came up very well.  There is a range of products by Renovo which are supposed to be very good with various things to clean and protect hood, available from MX-5 Parts, follow the link at the top of the forum.  Hope that helps…

Thanks, Ill give that a go, i use meguirs shampoo anyway, so its happydays.

 Anybody got any ideas how to adjust the hood?



There isn’t really any adjustment in the roof, what do you mean by saggy?

The section between the centre bar and winow is quite slack meaning the hood isnt pulled tight.

Have you compared it to any others?

Yes, no where near as tight as others unfortunately :frowning:

The autoglym stuff is excellent, and should work better than meguirs, which due to the high wax content should really be avoided.
Ensure you re-proof the roof afterwards though, or you could get damp, and the mould will come back faster.


You can slightly adjust the roof at the clips at the front (flip up a plastic cover, and adjust the nut), but I don’t think it will really help you.


Thanks for the advice, tried the clips at the front and unfortunately dont work as they just make the rubber compress more without pulling the hood tighter :frowning:

Sound like the hood needs re-tensioning to the front rail

speak to a specialised and they will be able to release the hood and tension it again with luck