Clearing Engine management light

My mk2  1800 is in local garage due to a misfire.

They have replaced coil packs but cannot clear the management light as they said there is no OBD socket.


How do we clear the light ?



Let’s get the facts correct here.

According to your first message your car is a 2003, if this is the case, the ODB2 socket is below the internal fuse box very near to your right knee.

Thanks,  I have told them that.


Dont know why they couldn’t find it!!

Another common fault that caues this and not picked up by the ECU is the MAF sensor.

An ebay one here.

Now MX5 parts are advertising new ones at a low price but say they do both the Mk2 up to 07 2000 and the Mk2.5 from 08/2000 to 2005.

These units are not common to both mks according to Mazda and are not interchangeable between the Mk2 and Mk2.5.

Unless MX5parts knows better, all the other secondhand parts suppliers do not agree they cab be used aacross 90 to 05.

They have run the car and it seems to be ok, they said that they just cant get the light off as they couldn’t find the port…

hopefully they have found it now.

Just to confirm, the OBD socket is behind the fuse box cover, just above the fuse block.

If it didn’t have OBD, how would it have an engine management warning light…

Thought the warning light came from the CPU ?


Does that mean it must have an OBD?


Im not  an expert as you might have gathered.

Yes the warning light comes from the ECU but Mazda did not fit an engine management light on a good number of European models.

There is not one on the MK2 that is not ODB2 compliant but there is one on the Mk2.5.

The OPs car is a Mk2.5

The other way to clear the light on the Mk2.5 is to disconnect the leads from the battery, wait a few moments,

Depress the brake pedal fully a few times to drain any stray current out of the car.

Replace the battery connections.

The light should then go out.