Cloudy plastic window

 The rear window onour Eunos is pretty cloudy.
There are several advertisers on ebay with “miracle” cures for this. Can anybody recommend any thing?


Have a look at the excellent Renovo products on the MX5Parts website.  The plastic glass cleaner is superb, read some of the reviews [:D].


 Thanks Tim
 Just ordered some



Hi I use white spirit on mine inside and out. This gets all the crud off and then I use Mr Sheen Original librally sprayed on and clean off with

a proper yellow duster cloth …Does a great job.

It really is an easy job to do. I used a Farecla product I use for paint finishing with my ChipsAway franchise ( ) called G3. Clean cloth a little G3 and light polishing both sides. I did it twice on each side as 1st go just took off the cr4p, but the 2nd brought it up nice and clear. Inside was best done with the window unzipped and pulled gently out, rest it on an old towel (or do not tell SWMBO) over the boot. Now I have to find a way to get rid of the little fold from earlier owner who dropped the roof without dropping the window first.

Just been on the web site and they have a sample section - I would have a go with the scratch remover sample and that may get it almost there. Have just sent off for mine and will report back if it creates a problem.

By the way a 1tr bottle of G3 costs about £15 and would probably do all the MX-5s in the Club.


Guys forget about all you’ve heard! Go to your local BMW dealer and ask for the BMW’s cream for the rear windows of the Z3’s, Z4’s and 316 cc etc. It can make miracles to your plastic window! Like new!