Club Advertised Insurers

It’s that time again to find a reasonable insurance quote for my two cars and home insurance.

All eggs in one basket I went with Admiral for the last 2 years and I’m very quickly coming to the conclusion for me theirs is the one to go with again but at least I’ve tried.


So we come round to the club advertised insurers and which ones apart from those mentioned below this thread (bargepole and wideberth spring to mind) to choose.

I chose Footman James for a quote. I have no knowledge of them previously, can’t really say read any reviews but I would have done prior to paying up if I went with them.

My findings, the quote was way above what I would pay, I actually got a better quote from a mainsteam insurer and also my renewal was way better from Admiral. I actually spoke with someone (they rang me) although I never asked them to. During the conversation I was made aware that my car (07 plate Sport) wasn’t really a classic so not 20 years old and we can’t really give you anything realistic price wise to what you might expect. So I said I’m wasting my time then, oh no came back the reply we can juggle a price for you.
I also said do you do multi-car, yes was the reply, do you do home insurance, again yes was the reply. Now they know I’m a club member because they asked me for my member number. So I am left in limbo, he was supposed to get back to me and we would discuss further insurance needs, another car + home insurance.

Now I got the impression he I wouldn’t hear from them again, I think I’m correct, nothing has come forth.

Now if you have your STHT handy turn to the inside of the front page, their nice big ad it states MX-5’s covered from new and 10,000 miles available for MX-5’s over 10 years old.

So I thought what was the point of me filling in a quote application, getting a price only for them to ring up and tell me, well strictly your car doesn’t fall into what we insure (or words to that effect) but as it says on their website, if you fall into a category of classic car cub or enthusiast club (us the OC) then we can quote.

Talk about picking and choosing, what a waste of time


Mick, Footman James specialse in one area, classic cars, and they are among the best and offer great value for that market. They’ll offer the rest, but they aren’t as good as you’ll get on every comparison site on the internet. So if you don’t fall into thier specialist area, but you still contact them for a quote. Who’s wasting who’s time?


I understand what you’re saying but when you read “specialist rates for club members” I thought I’d give them a go. Nothing special there, move on.