Club Area Shelters at Spring Rally

The organisers of the Spring Rally have sent following invitation to all the Area Coordinators

Feedback from Gaydon was that people appreciated the Areas having some dedicated space allocated to them and so we are going to continue that for the Spring Rally at Oulton Park. It is going to be a variation on Gaydon to suit the venue and the nature of the event.
What we are going to do is provide space adjacent to the main car parking overlooking one of the best corners on the race circuit for the Areas to set up a Shelter  / Flags / Banners etc . There will be no space for cars it’s for people only a very short walk from car parking!
Idea is that Areas can meet up, have a focal point, place to eat a picnic if not using the restaurant.
In the unlikely event of rain ( usually sunshine in April in Cheshire !!) could provide some cover in what is a fairly open location.
We think it will be an opportunity for people who only go the rallies to meet up with “their” area and put faces to names.

It will be close to the competition area, ND/Mk4 Display, the traders, on site catering etc. Handling circuit viewing will also be close, but handling circuit assembly will probably be about  5 minute walk.

There will no set timing to set up or breakdown, the venue and day are flexible enough to cope with arrival / departure at any time, but any equipment will have to be carried short distance from car park to location.


Here’s some pictures of the location.

OP1     OP2    OP3


So far  the following areas areas have booked a pitch:

        Cheshire & North Wales

South West Midlands

South East

South Wales

North East Midlands

North West

West London

South Central

Milton Keynes and Chilterns

North West Midlands 

Yorkshire Ridings

Tyne Tees (CNW shelter)





Please talk to your AC if you want to know what your Area is intending to do.

If you want to reserve an Area space get them to reply to the invitations we sent out

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all at Oulton Park on 18th April


You forgot CNW Allan :slight_smile:

Hi, Can we book a pitch for South Central please thanks 

South Central added



Hello, can we book a pitch for Milton Keynes and Chilterns please.

Added you to list on behalf of Guilbert 



Can we book a pitch for Yorkshire Ridings please !

Yorkshire ridings added to list
Look forward to seeing you on the day

Can I reserve a pitch for the Tyne Tees region please?  Paul McKay from CNW has very kindly offered to loan me a shelter for the day…


Patricia D’

Tyne Tees added

Just read this thread and notice that Oxford Area are not on the list for having an area for a shelter. Can we be added please?

Oxford added

Please note…South West haven’t changed their mind about attending the Rally. But, as we are the only car making the trek ‘up Country’(!), we didn’t think it right to take up a shelter space for the use of 2 people! We had hoped that there would be more of us, but we cannot persuade anyone else to don their winter woollies and snow shoes to venture ‘North’!
We are very much looking forward to the Rally, and the racing, and will definitely be there. If any kind person spots us shivering on the verge of hypothermia, maybe you will invite us into your shelter for a few minutes warmth (and a shot of brandy).

Mo and Jim MacGregor


CNW the host area, Paul the A/C always asks for good weather on our events and it is usually granted.

Don’t know where you get the idea of it being cold up North !!!


You can come into the North West shelter if you get cold, but you will have to bring your brandy

Many thanks…see you there!


Hi all,

Ths SE Area is  booked for a pitch but I am trying to sort out the logistics of getting our shelter to and from the Car Park to our pitch.

The Coleman Shelter is too heavy to carry far, so will I be able to take it there and collect it by car? Being of a certain age I have to think of these things these days!

Many thanks



If you are bringing brandy the Milton Keynes and Chilterns shelter would love to see you 


Think I’m going to have a tour round the Areas tasting Brandy.

See you all there