Club magazine Soft Top Hardtop wins top award.

The MX-5 Owners Club magazine, Soft Top Hardtop has today won a prestigious prize at the NEC Classic Car show being awarded Best Club Magazine of the year.

So congratulations to the editor, Tracey Sparling, the designer Jon Elsey and everyone else, who by submitting articles etc through out the year have made our Club magazine the best one out there.  Nice work guys… [:D]

Thoroughly well deserved.  Congratulations to one and all.

 Indeed, well deserved recognition for an excellently written and produced magazine. Keep up the good work guys n gals[Y]

Yes, well done.  Much deserved[Y]

Excellent news. Well done :slight_smile:

Well done Jon and Tracey…keep up the good work 

Well done keep up the good work, I think my ugly mug is in this months


 Well deserved [Y]

Well done to everybody involved, the magazine just gets better and better…[;)]

Congratulations. I know from experience how much hard work is involved in producing a club magazine, and the STHT team clearly puts in a great deal of effort, so it’s good to see them rewarded.

Very well deserved, its a great read, cant wait for the next one!

Couldn’t agree more. A well deserved award after a lot of hard work by Tracey and Jon but don’t forget the contributors who take the time to write interesting articles too. 

Well done to everyone concerned[Y]

Well done guys !! bl**dy brilliant.

 Well deserved prize.

Fantastic news. Tracey and Jon you really have turned the mag around - well deserved. [Y] 

Yes congratulation to Tracey and team. All we have to do now as members is to try and give this team good articles etc to help fill the pages to keep the standard up.

Very well done indeed.


But How hard can it be to make an interesting, Good looking magazine when you have such good subject matter[;)]

A magazine by owners for owners edited and produced by profesionals…Cant lose


Well done all[Y]


Very well done guys

 Excellent work!