Clunking Pulling to the right when accelerating.

Hi guys, Im looking at getting another MX5 now im settled in London and Ive seen one near me thats a good price and seems to be an honest car. The main problem apart from the usual rust is the cars “Clunking when turning and trailing underload”

Im off to see the car tomorow and after a chat with the owner it turns out its had a new clutch fitted and the owner has installed a 1.5way MazdaSpeed diff (He still has the old VLSD) He didnt drive it after the clutch was installed instead jacking it up and swapping the Diffs over. He then took it for a drive and reports the “Clunking when turning  and accelerating” I always presumed pulling to one side would be suspension related but the owner seems convinced its the new Diff. Is this the case? Has anyone come across this before?


Its an import 1991 J reg 1.6ltr.


Thanks in advance.


 Unless the rear tyres are exactly the same size, then a correctly operating LSD will cause the car to veer about as you come on and off the power.

What the hell is one of those?



 Ill be honest I wasnt sure either, Talking to the owner he’s never had an MX-5 before so maybe hes got it mixed up with something else. I know posting links is never good but the link to the advert is below.


Owner said before he changed the diff car never made any clunking noises or pulled to the right. Tyres could be a good guess, but what would make the clunking?

Thanks again guys.

I googled it

It’s a certain type of limited slip diff.

Return it to standard and the problems may well go away. BTW the hardtop on the car is worth £350+…just a thought

agreed (swap it back)

, it shouldnt be the clutch as this would ‘‘clunk’’ all the time .


does it clunk on both left and right turns ?

Im going to see it monday morning now, ive asked the question about the noise if it happens when your turning right or left. 

good to know about the hard top price! :slight_smile:

 I may have to start a new thread, Took the car out today the guy was really friendly and I liked everything else about the car, Rust wasnt as bad as I was expecting and exactly how is described in the Ad (which is refreshing).


Thing is the guy has sorted the pulling to the right problem out (ppf?!) But the knocking noise continues…

Taking the car out of the driveway and turning onto the road, I heard a light metal knocking noise coming from the rear. Drove down the road turned into another road and heard it again, not really loud but certainly noticable Ive never heard anything like it, imagine the exhuast was loose and knocking against the heat shield would be the only way to describe it. This only happens at low speeds and most of the time when going round corners slowly (Although not everytime and when going quickly I couldnt hear it) it happened once in a straight line again going slowly 10 mph. Everything else was solid on the car. Would trying another diff oil be a simple cure? the only other thing to do is change over the diff (the seller doesnt have the time to do this and I doubt tbh neither do I)


So any idea’s what the could be?




Some types of very motorsport-oriented LSDs do clank and grate during low-speed manoeuvres. I remember driving a very tweaked up Alfa 147 GTA which sounded as though the plate-type LSD was full of broken bearings, but apparently it was normal for the diff type. It needed some sort of slippy diff because 328bhp had to find its way through the front wheels alone. The noise was non-damaging, just annoying.


 Cheers John, I’m looking at oil as we speak. Apparently it’s something to do with the clutches slipping in the LSD. I’m yet to confirm this but buying one brand new to break in you have to do figure 8 dohnuts ?!<o:p></o:p>

Oh how I wish I could afford to run and fix a gorgeous 147 GTA!!<o:p></o:p>


 Old the old RWD Escort Rally cars and the Mantas made that noise when you moved them, normal for a plate diff

 stupid question but all my searching online is fruitless as these mazdaspeed 1.5 LSDs seem pretty rare (I thnk there made by someone else tho KAAZ?) Is it a “Plate type diff” ?


Thanks.  try there



Yes it’s a KAAZ plate type diff