clutch noise mk1

Hi all,

I’ve got a mk1 eunos (92) 1.6 and have developed a noise which i think is the springs on the clutch plate but im not 100% sure.[*-)]

When i decelerate (pulling off motorway or stopping at lights for example) i get a loud rattle coming up through the footwell, this dissapears when i depress the clutch pedal.[:$]

There is no rattle when in neutral or during normal cruising only on decelerating.[:^)]

Could this be clutch plate or do you think it may be something more serious (gearbox?)[8-)]

Your ideas would be much appreciated as i dont want to take gearbox out twice. [Z]

Many thanks

Start with the easy things, shields on the exhaust system make some strange noises, also the  shield around the cat some times makes this sort of noise…

Thanks Geoff,

Checked heat shields and even removed undertray in case there was something rolling around on that,

Checked all mounts, nuts and bolts i could find and all seem fine! I even taped down bonnet stay in case that was it all to no avail!![:@]

Fitted new brakes recently so even took wheels off to make sure it wasn’t pad retaining clips/ calipers and all seems fine there.

It only makes the noise when slowing down, but if i push the clutch pedal down it stops so i guess its got to be either clutch plate springs or the gearbox has had its day![:(]

Before you condemn the clutch/gearbox, have a look at this thread. Not the cylider change, but the lubrication part. This bit makes some funny noises


Thanks but its a definate rattle / rumble from front of gearbox…

Sounds like a plastic pot full of nuts, bolts and washers being shaken…

Going to change gearbox oil and replace clutch fluid anyway to see if that quietens down noise…



Worst case scenario, good s/h gearbox maybe £100 plus carriage

Clutch kit  £about £90 from the same supplier–transmission-parts-36-c.asp

2-21/2 hours labour at a garage that knows what they are doing…

Thanks for that, been on Boundville site and according to tech team is clutch flywheel bearing thats gone.

Will replace that and do clutch as well seeing as gearbox got to come out anyway.

Really appreciate the help!

Will let you know outcome…

Mike [:)][:)][:)]

I’ve put a brand new clutch in mine recently and also a new release bearing and a new spigot bearing, and mine now makes this rattle-in-a-can noise when decelerating and also accelerating at around 3000rpm, and after lots of checking on the Miata sites it appears to be a very common occurence following a clutch change, possibly caused by some sort of resonance along the drivetrain from either the diff or the selector forks in the gearbox vibrating.

IIRC Mazda solved the diff-resonance noise by fitting a large rubber damper to the front flange on the diff in later cars to avoid the vibrations being transmitted.

Following all the threads relating to this noise many people have tried to fix it by replacing everything in sight, but nothing apart from swapping to the diff + damper from the newer design seems to have worked. Certainly my car has a brand new engine, new clutch, new bearings etc… and it makes this noise very loudly, so it can’t be from any of those parts.

Apparently it does no harm to anything and most people just live with it (some people say that on cars with this noise the gearchange can be better, and this is certainly true for me - I have 2 Roadsters and the one that makes the noise has a less baulky gearchange action in 1st and 2nd) so before you fork out for a new gearbox or having the bearings changed I would explore some of the Miata sites and look at the various threads relating to this noise because it may be that you just have this very common noise.

I had exactly this problem for about 4 years following a clutch change, I lived with it 'til about 4 months ago when I had a new clutch as part of a supercharger instal. We found the spiggot bearing to be showing signs of blueing on the outer casing, suggesting that it had been turning in the flywheel bore. A new bearing with a drop of bearing lock and my problem has gone…

Strange that it could spin - when I fitted mine it was a very tight fit into the flywheel and had to be persuaded into place with a hammer.

Were the bearings stuck or worn out, or was it too tight on the gearbox shaft?

The bearing that came out was made by the okikokey bearing company from downtown somewhere. Lousy build quality I think