CO emissions high.

 Two years in a row my car has almost failed on its CO emissions at high revs. It’s fine at idle.
 What is the usual cause of this and is it normal for a supercharger  to put it up?

It depends on what your fuelling/timing/engine management solution is :slight_smile:
 If it’s a supercharger thats been bolted in, and then powercarded (As is usual) then yes. Any idea what sort of engine management solution you have in place?

Not usual really…

 All of the solutions should only become ‘active’ on boost.

 There shouldn’t be any boost when revved.

 What is your spec ?

 Though I’d guess its the usual suspects rather than the SC components.

 Guys click on my link.
I have Greddy E management fitted by P5.

Have you asked P5? - they may have an answer… [:)]

 I don’t like to pester Phil if I can help it. He’s a busy bloke.
I am due to visit him next year though so can service my SC.

So thats the sixth MOT passed without any problems ?

Wasn’t any sign of high CO at fast idle when I got the MOT done just before I sold it in 2006.

The cars looking good. Sort of regret selling now [:(]



I’ve desperately trying to contact you via the old forum but couldn’t track you down.

You sent me a link of old pictures of our car. I can’t find the link or pics now could you send it to me again?

Don’t regret selling her as I wouldn’t have her.
I really look after her and a glass chip fixed yesterday.

For some reason my pics at Cardomain were all deleted. So I’ve done a quick fix and will be posting some new pictures of the engine bay. It’s more red now.

I love the car and I clay barred her recently.
I’m considering a new Mohair hood next year and some tweaking by Phil at P5.

Can a mod explain why my above post is just one block of words when I put line breaks in it to make it easier to read?
When I go to edit it shows it as how I composed it (with breaks).


Have sent you a link, by PM, to all the photos I have (133 of them).

Glad you are looking after the car it does look good. What are you considering getting done by Phil next year?



Thanks Nigel. I downloaded all of them and kept them in a safe place. [;)]
I need to see Phil on some issues I had with fitting the auto tensioner. I also want him to do a service on the supercharger and a full engine tune.
Dan told me that he spoke to Phil and he told him the next step was to fit some fuel item which would give it 20ish more BHP. [:P]
Apart from that there’s not much to do. In my eyes it’s perfect. [:D]


Yes it was running lean at the very top of the rev range. If the rate of fuel delivery was to be increased a few more BHP could be extracted. I felt that the power was adequate and my next mod, if I had kept the car, would have been to the suspension.

Good luck with whatever you do with it and if you ever decide to sell let me know[:)]