Color coding

Color matched my steering wheel also color matched my front spoiler was black but could not get used to it


Nice! Is that the stock steering wheel, and if so how did you do the colour coding?

The three red parts on the wheel, assuming that’s what you mean, screw off from the rear once the wheel is off, then can be painted accordingly. Plenty of advice online about removing the wheel.

Yes, it was the red parts I was referring to. I was wondering if they were stick on covers, as I have seen them for other cars, but not the MX5.

No not covers you need to dissconeted the airbag remove your sterling wheel then remove the rear cover screwed on the you need to remove the 3 trim pieces .left and right screwed on bottom clipped on the paint the color you want …

As above, there’s a small amount of sticky tape or glue holding the two upper covers, ease them off carefully after removing the fixings.
Do disconnect the battery first to discharge the wheel airbag and disconnecting the wiring blocks.