Condensation behind glass on instrument panel

 Hi All

Noticed this morning a small amount of condensation just under the milometer inside the glass.  Is this usual?


 Perfectly normal in this dreadfully cold weather.  It affects all cars it is more noticable in some than others.  It usually disperses after a few miles with the heater on.  The interior of your car will have been several degrees C below zero lately and air will hold very little moisture at that temperature hence ice on the inside of the windsceen in the morning.  The vast majority of the condensation is due to the occupants of the car breathing, so to avoid condensation do not breathe when driving!

     Regards   Geoff  Peace.

I had ice on the inside of the hood last week! Also had a little condensation behind clocks, soon goes.

I will try not breathing in the car tomorrow to prevent condensation, top tip! Stick Tongue Out

 Thanks Geoff - will practice not breathing tonight in readiness for using car in the morning.  Will feel really silly if I wake up and find I have died of something unrelated!!!Wink