Congratulations on your trust level promotion!

In the past 8 days I have has 15 of these…WHY is my question…as I seem to get one each time I log in…

To feed some peoples need for approval :roll_eyes:

You can print them out and stick them on your car. Cheap styling addition.


It’s something the software does based on your level of activity and is designed around using the software in a slightly different way than we do, we have disabled most of the interference that comes from it nevertheless there are a couple of foundational things that require some level of the trust system to be active.

I have locked your trust level at the standard ‘club member’ one so you shouldn’t see this again.

This isn’t a general service I’m offering in case anyone is thinking that… :smiley:

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Hi Ian - I too have had lots of these!! I thought if I had been upgraded each time I must be a God by now! not an issue still receiving them, but I am on here a lot, as I am working form home and keep a window to the forum open and when I get bored playing with spreadsheets I have a look. I particularly like the “A thread of Frivolous Frivolities XXV” link.

Also as I am waiting for a new ND to arrive I am really missing not having an MX5 since selling my NA in January…


Thanks Ian

@fjohnw Wow! You must be some kind of forum General by now with all of these promotions :smiley:
Worked your way up through the ranks to the top. That’s the spirit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::wink:

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Arghh! Me too!

I am thinking of unsubscribing from system emails …