Console switches for hazard/pop ups - wiring?

 Anyone got a wiring diagram that covers the two buttons on the NA center console for hazards/popups?

I want to get a set of these

One switch has got 2 connectors, and the other 3.  I’m presuming that 2 are for the Hazards, and the 3 are for the pop up button which also illuminates on the dash?

Reason I ask is that I’m aiming is to get the hazard switch to flash red when on by using an illuminated toggle switch.  The ones I’ve found only have two connectors on the back.–tsledr-1450-p.asp

If I could use a pair of these for hazard/pop-ups, it’d look great.  I don’t mind if I lose the pop-up button indicator on the dash if that’s all the third connector does.

Anyone with an electrical bent able to comment?



hmm, from 


seems it’s not that simple?

"The headlight pop-up switch (has a black button) has nothing to do with the hazard switch, and is wired as follows:
Red wire/blue stripe… always at +12 volts; fed from the 30 ampere “Head” fuse in the Main Relay and Fuse Block.
Red wire/green stripe… goes to Retractor Relay wiper contact.

Red wire/yellow stripe… goes to Retractor Relay normally-open contact, and to anodes of diodes internal to each headlight motor.




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If I understand correctly, you want the hazard warning switch to flash red in sync with the indicators when the hazard warning lights are activated.

This is not straightforward as the flasher unit does not have a common output for hazard warning. When the hazard warning switch is activated the flasher unit flashes both sides of the indicators.

What you would need to do is logically “AND” the two 12V indicator outputs to drive the switch illumination. A small relay would work (using one indicator circuit as the 12v feed and the other indicator circuit to energise the relay) or a simple transistor circuit if you are using a low amperage bulb.

If you simply want the hazard warning switch to have constant illumination when activated then you need to find a permanent 12V feed for the bulb and then use the hazard warning switch to switch the other bulb contact to earth.

PM sent re. wiring diagram.

UPDATE: I’m not sure the LED switch from CBS would work. It has 12V and GND contacts for the LED and also a switched output. It is not clear what voltage level is present on the switched output. The OE hazard warning switch provides a switched earth to the flasher unit. If the CBS LED switch provides a switched 12V then it won’t work as a hazard warning switch.

 Cheers, had a bit more of a think about this and think I’m a bit closer to getting my head around it now I’ve woken up and had a couple of brews.

I was thinking that the hazard button flashed red when pressed, but thinking about it - it doesn’t, does it?  It just lights up red when the interior lights are on.  Thanks for the diagrams, they’re very handy.

Think this is a non starter!  I still like the toggle switch replacements though.  Think I’ll get a set and leave them as they are. 

Now, if anyone knows a source of nicely-finished, red or blue knurled nuts to replace the standard steel ones in the picture, I’d be interested! 

I fitted a set of these last night, and they look sooo nice. I did give the plate a bit of a polish, but so retro.



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