CoolCatz new member E.Mids

Hi Everyone,
I’ve just joined the club and lookig forward to meeting you all very soon.
I bought my 2016 Icon in October last year, and have doubled the mileage so far oops. It is my daily ride though.
Ive always :heart: the MX5 and so pleased Ive got one.
I’m rather a newbie, but looking forward to learning new skills to keep her looking fab.
Here is a pic for you


Hi and welcome to the club. In normal times we’re quite an active centre so hopefully we’ll see you at some meetings sometime.

Thank you. Yes looking forward to meeting up and seeing all our lovely :oncoming_automobile:

Ive just completed my 1st roadtrip 653 miles over 4 days. Check my profile CoolCatz Roadtrips for my route and pics from my journey :slight_smile: :grin:

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