Corrosion hole MOT advisory

Is this MOT advisory referring to chassis rails on a mk2.5?

corrosion hole in offside front chassis outrigger/floor

It’s a fresh MOT on a car I was going to view.


It sounds like rear one of the front wheel. I had one on my Mk1, not an advisory either, MOT man said it’s very small and advised getting it sorted.

It’s the section next to the front lift arm in this pic…


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Walk away, plenty out there

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Yup, WD51BDF was the one I sold last year - locating one in similar condition is proving interesting.

Cheers Mick, maybe I should wait until you’re ready to part with yours… :grin:

That’s proving very difficult indeed ATM.
Yes I am thinking of parting with it, just can’t find it’s replacement and more or less give up looking.
Who knows something pops up when you least expect it, trouble is every car has its problems, too cheap problems, high prices (most of them) I just won’t pay it.
Getting into autumn/winter may bring prices down, some experts say maybe not, high prices here to stay.
Red is the best colour (in my eyes) when you’ve whittled down those from the others there isn’t that much to go at.

Mine wants for nothing, must be mad even to think with parting with it but I’ve sold two others Mk1/Mk2 just as good then regretted it, especially the Mk2.:dizzy_face:

I know that feeling of regret only too well, which is why I bought the Mk4 in my profile pic before selling the Mk2.5.
Now both are gone I regret getting shot of the 20yr old one, but not the 2yr old bizarrely.
Makes the quest for a replacement all the harder as bar set quite high.