Cost of insurance and road tax UK, NA 1.6

Before looking for one I would like to know if I can keep it without problems.
It would be my first car in the UK, I changed the EU license (more than 10 years) to the UK one.
I don’t understand how it works with classic cars.
Thanks in advance for your time

Insurance; if you have no UK driving history, the rate might be quite high. Note, there will be a different rate if the car is not UK specification (eg. Eunos Roadster). If you don’t declare this, plus any modifications, the car might not be covered in the event of a claim.

There are special schemes for classic cars, eg Footman James, and discounts possible if you are a member of the MX5 Owners Club. Special classic car insurances will often have maximum annual mileages, which keeps the cost down. However, on these policies, you cannot earn no claims discount, and there are requirements to at least park the car off road overnight, preferably in a locked garage. Many of these policies will not allow the car to be used for commuting to work.

Cost will be anywhere from £200 to £2000 per year. Plenty of online sites to get a quote. If you want one that takes account of non-UK driving experience, you might need to find a specialist.

Annual Road Fund Licence (road tax) for a Mk1 is £295 per year.

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In short, the operating costs are the same as the new series (NB-NC).
I was hoping for what road tax discount at least.
I can change the licence and I dont have a garage at moment.

If you need any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.

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