Could be fun, anybody fancy 3 laps of the GP circuit

Thinking of booking the Sunday midday :slight_smile:


its the “comfortable speed” clause that puts me off :frowning:

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I’ve raced there a few times. It depends what circuit they let you drive but it’s a nice track. You want to be ‘on it’ not following a safety car tho. I don’t see why I’d waste £25 to drive at road speeds for three laps. 6 minutes and it’s all over.


reminds me of a trip to Amsterdam when i was younger :wink:


TBH I was thinking more along the lines of a bit socially aware mini hoon to Brands just 2 or 3 cars. I noticed another club where thinking the same. Fingers crossed it might a little more relaxed by then.
I’ve tracked at brands before myself although not the GP so get what your saying with regards to the cost.
I’ll probably book it anyway, not much else going on in Jan as a rule.

Brands Hatch GP costs in excess of £35k to hire at any time of year, so if you want to spend £500 on a track day you can go as fast as you like.

I’d quite like to do it next year, i.e. when covid is hopefully over and it’s a bit warmer.

might well have some of that, thanks for the heads up

You can get track days there for £99 with javelin. All day open pit lane access. Ok that tends to be quiet periods but £159 will be a peak day.
Be aware you have no insurance on any track bu the way, on any day!

Not on the GP circuit. And “peak” you would still be looking at £300+ for a day event on the Indy circuit just mid week. You can likely get a 2½ hour evening for £150. Anyone charging £100 for anything at Brands is looking to take way too many cars.

I have not paid for a track day for years, I get paid to be in the passenger seat these days so I get to drive enough hot laps demonstrating lines to keep my itch scratched. A biker buddy did an off peak day earlier this year for £99 that’s all I’m basing it on.
If you’re going to go for a track day I’d pick Caldwell park anyway, that’s my favourite UK track. Bit of dappled sunshine into the first hairpin, fast straights, some nice undulating turns where you get massive grip shifting all over the place as the weight is on and off the suspension. It has a bit of everything. You can even get a bit of air if you’re brave over the mountain.

booked for sunday morning seems to be filling up quick

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