Cover my MX-5


I need to cover my mx-5 up for winter, anyone got any suggestions (other than a garage) ?





I am sure Moss do them. 

Hi, i can’t tell you what one to use, but don’t use a cheap plastic cover.

Where it comes in contact with the paintwork it can have a chemical reaction with it, (condensation & sunlight ect:-)

and leave marks in the paint that will never be removed. This happened to a car i had many years ago.


 Do you have off road parking? Then how about one of these? 

I bought one of these from Moss, 6 weeks ago just after I got the car.

The cover fits the car perfectly and I have been very impressed with it. Quick and easy to put on and it keeps the care nice and snug away from the elements. I made my own “security cable” out of some steel wire covered aquarium airline tubing with a karabiner fitted at each end.

In some very strong wind the rear of the cover did blow up so I bought a couple of these to hold it down and they work really well, just tie them to the rear tow hooks.

The only downside to this type of cover is that you should not put in on to a wet car… this has not been a problem for me as I have been able to dodge any rain showers and my MX5 is a second car so I don’t need to take it out in bad weather. I may build car port next year, but for now this cover is doing a fine job.

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I got a four-ply (like a Goretex) Stormproof cover through CoverZone. Don’t have a garage or carport so wanted something that would work well in Winter as well as Summer & could go over a damp car if necessary.

Jury’s out on how well it will perform. Ask in 12 months. But has snap straps going underneath the body work and a security lock and wire going under the body to dissuade the opportunist thief (thought a pretty light-weight deterrent to be honest). I’ve a few suggestions to make to the company already on simple improvements, but will wait until a good year has gone by.

 Well chaps, one year on and the Stormproof is going well ( I got the standard battleship grey colour).

Only small thing is, I have a feeling they sent me the wrong MX5 Series model one (as it seems to be for one where the wing mirrors fold back, and mine on the 2.5 Icon are fixed - but guess it’s too late to go back to them now ONE YEAR down the road).

All-in-all, really heavy duty and good quality item, kept the snow and rain off (worst snow in 3 decades up here in Northumberland), allowed airflow still around the car, with fixing tapes it didn’t come off during the winter’s high winds and has withstood some good abuse from both the weather and me. A good investment, but DO POINT OUT (after what I’ve just said) which MODEL of MX5 you have, as I have a feeling they do different ones according to the model).


Hello Paddy,

The Mk2 & Mk2.5 wing mirrors do fold back.

Just push them firmly towards the side window (the mirror should be facing the side window).

They will seem very stiff but they do fold.


 I really like the look of that cover - but not the price :frowning: I’ve got a half cover on mine to keep my cats and the neighbours off my roof - I’m completely fed up of hoovering it 2 or 3 times per week !!

I’ll have to drop a few hints and see what Santa brings …:slight_smile:

 I’ll try pushing those wing mirrors (they ‘do’ seem very stiff, that’s why I thought they were fixed…oh well!! I’m Irish after all, haha).

Vicky - I’ve tried cheaper covers before, and they’ve lasted a year and just gone brittle on me. At least this seems to be lasting and doing the job. Sometimes, the initial layout for something does seem ‘A LOT…’ but like shoes, it can be a false economy getting something cheap that only lasts a short time and then you’ve got to go out and do it all over again. I’d really recommend this - seriously :slight_smile:

I bought a half cover for use at our “little place in the country” errrrrrrrrrrr, caravan  {#emotions_dlg.wink} and it works really well to keep the lid dry and the bird s**t off it.

 If it was a suit i would take it back, but yes its going to keep the MX5 nice & dry

 Two years on and going strong!! been out the whole winter, spring and now into summer. A few abrasion holes probably from me pulling it off onto gravel driveway, but nothing major. The plastic ‘clips’ (like the ones you get on rucsac straps) have snapped but are easily replaced from camping stores (which I’ve done). All-in-All - a pretty hardy and easy piece of kit to use for your FIVE…!! Let’s see how many more years I get out of it.

Hi Steve

You could try talking to these people ClassicCovers

I don’t have one but have read positive write-ups and from fellow 5rs from whom i had heard about them

I have a cover from Classic covers, only had it a week but I saw it at the Silverstone Classic rally, £80 instead of £100.

It has three strapes, nice fit on my mk3.

They say you can put it on a wet car and it will evaporate through the cover.

I am pleased with it so far but it is early days.