Covid-19. Exactly 1 year today since 1st UK Lockdown began

So the 23rd March 2021 marks the 1st anniversary of Boris locking us down for the first time due to Covid-19. I have been lucky personally, no friends or family lost thank goodness, though much has changed for my family… Lets hope that 2021 see’s the end of the pandemic and us at the MX-5OC can be a small part of society returning to a near normal life! Stay safe…


Seconded !

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Well said.
Thousands have their own stories to recall, each different from house to house and in that sense unique to them if not common with others.

Being retired we are and were able to manage enforced isolation restrictions more than most, and so far the only Cov-id casualty for me was my half-sister in Albury Australia who was riddled with cancers anyhow. Fortunately, I was out to stay with them in 2018 for 3 weeks, and said our farewells then as she knew it would be the last time. Actually, we had a huge family barbie and got well oiled. Sod the meds.

I think, while being wary of predictions… ( since I was taken to task in this forum a year ago when I said the UK was unprepared for what was to come)… oxymoronic phrases churned out by the media eg “The New Normal” will see our freedoms & life styles tweaked & changed for good in a lot of small ways if the true professional experts are correct.
To anyone here who lost a person close to them, our sincere condolences.


As a so-called ‘essential worker’ this last year, and me being one of those folk who had that ‘ah well, if I get it, I get it’ attitudes, all three of us in our house got it last May. To be fair, my symptoms were very mild and I was feeling fine within a matter of days. Mum’s partner, who has asthma and an autoimmune disorder, took it surprisingly well and was better after about a week. Mum, on the other hand, was half an inch away from being hospitalised. Just goes to show, we daren’t take anything for granted with this virus. Three folk in the same household at the same time with totally different experiences.
I also can’t help but wonder what the future brings. I look at the entitled, mindless brats behaving worse than animals, I have to deal with everyday. I look at the riots that have been taking place in London, Bristol & Glasgow. The slashing of the military and the increasing reliance on nukes. Governments spending millions on a lick of paint and frontline workers struggling on 1%. It’s a worry. All that’s certain, for now at least, is that masks and vaccines are going to be part of our lives for many years to come and that some folk are going to have some very difficult jobs to do. All we can do is, as the great Janey Godley says, ‘pull on yer emotional life jackets and keep each other afloat’!