Cracked greddy manifold

I’ve just failed my MOT as the manifold is cracked. I replaced the original about 4 years ago with a welded one, from ET Racing I think. Well apparantly it’s cracked too now. I’m hoping it can be welded up again, but if not, does anyone have any suggestions for a quick fix? Perhaps get a new one custom made?

I also failed because I have a cracked cat, and of course, the rear tyres are shot.


 K reg Eunos Roadster doesn’t need a cat, that is one cheap fix then!

 is it a 1.8 or 1.6?


if 1.8 then look here…

or this

or for 1.6…

might be a go?


Thanks for those, if the worst comes to the worst I may be putting a bid in :slight_smile:

The latest update is that I’ve found a cheap cat - I’d rather have one than not, and when I phoned the garage to let them know, they told me they were confident about welding the manifold.

Does removing the turbo affect the wastegate and boost level? Might I need to re-rolling road the car?


Should be just the same when they refit it as it was before. You’ll be able to tell if it’s changed by looking at the boost gauge. Or, if you’re more sensible than me, by having your passenger look at the boost gauge.

 Welding a turbo manifold is a specialist job.

You need to heat it up before welding etc.

A std garage whizzing over it with a Mig will last 2 minutes.




Does anyone know of such a specialist. My car is still in the garage, the face of the manifold isn’t flat enough to seal around the turbo, and they don’t sound confident enough to face it themselves. I’m now not confident that the repair they’ve done will work.

The link to the ebay manifold isn’t right for my turbo. One that is costs $450 + shipping, and is the same as the one that just cracked.

My honest opinion is that I should break the car. I don’t think I’m going to get value for money out of it this summer, and I bet there are people who would gladly take the intercooler / bipes / ecu / cage / wheels / engine / torson diff / shocks / mp3 player etc off my hands.

Unless anyone wants to make me an offer?


There’s a guy I know in Brisbane could sort it for you[;)]…put your location in your post and someone may be able to help

Sorry, I’m in Southampton. I’m used to the old forum which put your location next to your name. I assumed that most places would work mail order anyway.

The latest update is that the garage is going to try to reface the manifold and MOT it again. After that I think I may put the car up on ebay shortly afterwards, with a note saying ‘no warranty expressed or implied for manifold’.

The old forum was just the same, you have to manually insert your location in your profile. Have you talked to Andrew Stoot at Autolink?


I spoke to him about selling the car, but I doubt he knows anyone who could fix the manifold. 

The car is now up for sale in the for sale section.

The car is now provisionally sold, and the new owner wants to know about the manifold. 

Can someone explain why the manifold shouldn’t last? The garage seemed confident that it would be fine, and the welding they’ve done seems of good quality. The entire turbo system was removed and the manifold was welded on a bench, and I can’t for the life of me think why the welding might fail. Neither could the guy who did it. 

200bhp - can you explain it to me please. Remember that this manifold was originally made from welded steel, it’s not the cast original if that is what is confusing you.