Croft 30/8/19

Just a quick nod to all the organisers of the Croft Track Day yesterday, thank you very much. I and hopefully all, really do appreciate the hard work that goes in both before and on the day. I suspect it also continues afterwards as well. Once again many thanks.

My thanks also to Pete ad Tony, and guys behind the scenes as well - Croft turned out to be a cracker!  Tower followed by Jim Clark Esses and then Sunny In & Out was a BLAST!

Thanks also to Broadspeed - knowing that they are there with tools, a selection of spares and their knowledge of MX-5’s “just in case”, gives confidence to push-on.  A few of us needed attention to keep the day alive…

Thanks to all the drivers who listened to & applied the clear guidance of the briefings as well - good manners cost nothing.

Had a great day a Croft which is my local circuit and my first track day. I will definitely be doing another one in the future and thanks to everyone involved.


Yep, was great fun, long time since I’ve dricen Croft, such an under rated track!