Crumbling Hard Top

Years ago I bought a hardtop for our Mk2.5 from a “gentleman” in Shropshire but soon after i had to replace the latches , then noticed the seals were coming adrift and then the edges started to disintegrate so it got stuck in the garage. Short of space, we had to put it outside under a tarp and its still there. Does anyone know if there is anyone in our area that might be willing to have a look at it with a view to repairing it?
Thank you.

That’s odd, do you know if it’s an OE one?

I don’t know, I’m afraid. I do know it was not a good buy!

Oh dear that doesn’t sound good, I have to be honest, of the top of my head I’m not aware of anyone who might be able to help? Where are you located?

I’m in soggy Somerford, Congleton

Not sure if they’re GRP or not, but I would suggest someone like a chandlers/boatyard etc - sorry, I know there won’t be many in Congleton.

It might be worth popping this request in the forum section I’ve put a link for below… this must be something that someone has encountered before ?

Sounds like someone might have repaired it before with filler etc.

You may well be right

If there isn’t a boat maker in Congleton (even though you may need one with all the rain!), you can also try somebody who repairs Motorhomes. Many of these are constructed from fibreglass and need repairing after bumps. If you ask your local Motorhome dealer they may be able to do the job or put you in contact with someone who can.


Good shout :+1:

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If you have or can get some pics I might be able to suggest some repair details if it is GRP, I work in the world of boats and have done for years. Unfortunately rather too far to pop and have a look though.

Mazda hardtops are “Sheet Moulded Composite” if that means anything. I think a specific resin is needed.

Composite generally means some form of GRP and that does often crumble round the edges.

Most decent body shops would be able to fix it. It’s a case of grinding back to a solid piece and letting in new material to bond it. There are fibreglass specialists that are best equipped. A friend of mine builds race cars in Warrington and his body shop repairs a lot of fibreglass I’ll try to dig out his details.

Christopher neils in northwich used to do lots of fibreglass repairs as they were a lotus/tvr specialist but they will be £££ I’d Imagine

Howdy, Montana. :

Many thanks for your interest and your offer to dig out the contact details of your mate.
Not sure CN would want my tatty hardtop anywhere near his premises. My wife doesn’t want it on ours!

:joy: id take the tarp off and brush the leaves off first!