Curborough 10/08/19 - Thank You! Pictures available


Anybody that would like to have pictures of their car at Curborough Sprint Training Day on the 10th August. Please contact John Hoy on giving a description of your car and your registration, he will send you picture of your vehicle. John, a club member has very kindly offered to do this off his own back, he will be going on holiday soon so please be patient if you do not get your pictures straight away.


Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Peter and his team today for running yet another awesome OC Motorsport Event. 

Weather on the whole was kind to us, great cars and great company. 

Look forward to doing it all again next year, cheers everyone for a fantastic day! 


Same here.

The team did a fantastic job running and organising the event. 

To a point where even bacon in the cafe was fried perfrectly.

Thanks guys, see you at Croft! 

Another great day @ Curborough!

Thanks again to everyone who gave their time to make it possible Smile