Cuts out / won't start

Any ideas welcome on a problem i have had for the last few weeks.

The car is a 1998 1.8 Mk1 (Berkeley)

A few weeks ago i travelled about 20 miles (the day was really hot) All of a sudden the engine just died and refused to fire. I checked the normal, loose wires, leads etc. and everything looked fine. I phoned a friend to and fetched my spare Coil pack. Changed the Coil Pack and it started first time. Everything was ok till i did some miles (i only normally have to travel about 2 miles to work and back) once the engine got hot it cut out again. Again i waited for my friend to come to my rescue which took about 1 hour. When he arrived we tried it and it started first time. So we guessed it wasn’t the coil pack to start with or the one i put on was dodgy. So i bought a new coil pack and kept the other as a spare. Again it was ok going to work and back but as soon as i did about 15 - 20 miles it cut out again, and wouldn’t start. I called the AA and when he arrived (which was about 45mins) he asked me to try it. It started first time and he said it was a problem with the Crankshaft position sensor. When i got home i couldn’t find a Crankshaft position sensor on the timing wheel and when i checked it out apparently the Cam Angle Sensor controls both on these. So i fitted a new Cam Angle Sensor and again every thing was fine going to work until one night i had to do some shopping (extra miles) when i got home i turned it off while i opened the garage, then it wouldn’t restart. I waited an hour and it started first time. I reckoned it a cooling problem not electrical, so i emptied the coolant and changed the thermostat. I ran it for about 1 hour to make sure all air was out the system. While it was running the Temp gauge stayed just fractionally below half way, the heater was working perfectly and the fan came on about 4 times in all. So thinking i had cured it i turned it off, went and washed my hands came back to it, and it wouldn’t start. Again i left it to cool down and it started first time. So i have not got a clue what to look at now. I have bought a new Temperature Sender, but on reading various books i think that only sends a signal to turn the fan on. Am i right on that or does it send other information, and that could be the problem.

p.s. I put a new upgrade fuel pump on it a couple of years ago and the leads and plugs are fairly new.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.




Have you not checked for fault codes? That’d be my first course of action.

When it is refusing to start, remove plug lead and place a spare plug in the lead and crank the engine while placing the end of the plug against the cam cover. If you have a spark then the problem is fuel. Perhaps the pump fails when it is getting hot.


Change the ECU temp sensor