Cutting out while in traffic

  1. My model of MX-5 is: mk2.5 2001
  2. I’m based near: Brighton
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:

hi I’m Lewis I’m have problems with my mazda, when sitting in traffic on hot days after a while just in slow moving traffic the car juts heavily a few times ( always at low rpm) then cuts out and takes a while of just sitting at the side of the road for it to start up again.
its still cranks over fine but doesn’t want to start, already replaced spark plugs, coil packs, coil leads, crankshaft sensor but still dose it.
its fine on on long journeys but when I get to slow moving traffic it will happen, always on a hot day.
not looked into overheating problems because that wont make it not start, was thinking could it be fuel?
any help would be nice.

kind regards lewis

Might be worth replacing the camshaft position sensor as well.

And what fault codes is she shouting out?., there are still a number of things this could be that could be causing it, invest in a code reader before you carrying on throwing cash at her and not solving it, Cam sensor ,AFM, and temp sensor could be breaking down being intermittent , plus a number of other items.

no codes present that’s one of the first things we did, we left it running at work sitting idling over till it cut out and no codes came up.

Does the nb have an idle control valve? That would be a good place to look if it does.

I would suggest making a log on this, when you start, how long does she run for before it happens, how long do you need to wait, the temp, when you stop ,times etc to see if there is a routine to it so it can be chased down.
These are the ones i like to be dropped off to solve, no fault codes just track it down.


What style of air filter/air intake do you have, is it the original or is it an after market under bonnet type and is it clean?