Dakar, No 37

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say “hello”, as a new member to the Owners Club. I have, through very sad circumstances, just inherited Dakar no 37, left to me as a legacy in the will of a very dear friend in Scotland who passed away at the end of last year. He kindly left me the Dakar to look after, as it was his pride and joy. I am very humbled to have it, but pleased also to be the new custodian.

No 37 had done just over 20k miles when I acquired it at the beginning of March this year. Naturally, belonging to a lifelong friend, I had known the car since he got it brand new in 1997, from John Grubb Mazda in Kirkcaldy. Clearly, he used it sparingly, and maintained it well - always garaged, it is in great condition, as you would expect with such a low mileage… The car had only done 7 miles since its MOT in 2014 - driven back by the guy from the MOT station in Feb 2014, as my friend could no longer drive, due to his illness. This year, the battery was absolutely dead, and had to be replaced, then the car was serviced and again MOT’d in Scotland. Then, due to time constraints, it was returned to it’s slumbers in the garage.

Living in Kent, there was then the challenge to get it home here. On 2nd August, my wife and I got the sleeper train to Glasgow, then cross-country trains to Glenrothes, Fife where No 37 resided. After staying the night with my firends mother (who is 91), I checked the Mazda over, filled up with petrol and we set off on the 485 mile trip to Bexleyheath on 4th August. There is a slight misfire under acceleration which I will have to get sorted, but once on the move, and at motorway speed down the A1, she (and us) were in our element. We stopped overnight at the Whitley Hall hotel near Sheffield (288miles) - very nice, then continued the journey on the 5th, arriving safely home having covered the remaining 197 miles in just under a leisurely 4 hours.

I look forward to becoming increasingly involved with all things Mazda, as the Dakar is just brilliant to drive, and everyone on the forum sounds really nice, supportive and enthusiastic. Having my own Dakar now, I can see why!

Best wishes to all,  Lindsay

Welcome on board Lindsay and enjoy, despite the sad circumstances. 

Welcome to the addiction Lindsay. We were on a run today with over 20 cars and one of the was a Dakar, known simply as Da Kar.

Hello Lindsay, welcome to the forum. You are a very lucky person.

Welcome to the forum Lindsay


  Hi and Welcome to the FUN 

Hi Lindsay, Dakar 128 here, welcome to the addiction



Hi there,
Apologies for hijacking this thread a little bit but there is some other Dakar owners on here so I hope you may be able to help. I have recently acquired number 328. She is in a bit of a sorry state so I am doing a full resto on her and am trying to find OEM items wherever possible. I need a set of the light grey footwell mats and also the walnut dash (I have the provisional dash but it is very tired)
Any help getting the old girl back on the road and looking pristine (especially after £3k+ of welding!) is gratefully appreciated!