Dashboard Protection Against Mischeivious Little Feet!

Hi All,

My mini-me absolutley loves going out in “daddies red broom broom car”, but since he is my mini-me, he is also a mischevious little sod! So no matter how often I tell him not to put his feet on the dashboard, will he listen?! Nope, cos thats not what nearly 3 year olds do!

So, what options are there out there to protect the dash from him and his scratchy shoes?! Dont want to go outrageous or style changing, but want somthing that will stop him from scratchinig it all up!


The Chief Cuplpret:


Take his shoes off??


Ahh but then you risk the tantrum him wanting his shoes on because he is outside! (Or daddy forgetting to put them back on again in tesco carpark…)

Fair point, well made and I do do that when I remember, but inevitabley sometimes I’m either rushing or just plain forgetful so would like a backup!

Take the shoes off was my immediate thought.:smile:

Or try some of that clear sticky back plastic across the parts he may scratch. It may look a bit naff but save the plastic from further damage.

I get similar in my 4 door daily driver but in the back seats, the seat backs are covered in muck/mud off shoes. The little blighters (sometimes 3 grandkids) well not so little now seem to revel in how high they can place their footprints…:grimacing:

Below the knee amputation is what I would suggest for anyone who put feet on my dashboard.

If you are a bit sentimental, then help pay for prosthetics when he has learned where to put his feet.


As tempting a thought as that may sometimes be, Not 100% convinced it’s the most ethical solution :stuck_out_tongue: besides I’m not sure I could afford the work!

On a more positive note, he is definately an MX5 boy - he absolutely adores it! If we see another one out and about he will be shouting “look! another daddys car!”




At 3years old he should fit in the boot


I got to admit, this thread went a lot darker than I ever imagined…!


I knew it would! :laughing:

The polythene/plastic overshoe scrub things you sometimes see on the telly. Used by forensic scientists etc. If he doesn’t take to them, get him to binge watch the entire Silent Witness (or similar) back catalogue.
Will help protect your car, but do little for restful sleep. :neutral_face:

Just put some of Daddy’s socks over his shoes :+1:


Rig up a wire from one of the coil packs to the dash and earth his behind to the seat, think electric fence.
No offence to the lad meant.

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Sew a small towel into a shortened length of bungee cord then hook this into the two air vents,

Don’t take him in it until he gets the message.


Tape some of this to the dashboard.

Show him who’s the gaffer.

That’s why it’s called gaffer tape…


At the expense of TMW’s little lad, you lot gave me and the missus a right good laugh, let’s face it there’s not much to laugh about right now!
If I was to make a suggestion along similar lines it would be to tie the little lads ankles together with rope and then tie said rope to a suitable weight placed in the passenger footwell but the more I thought about it the more I feared the NSPCC coming a knocking so…I decided rather than add to the hilarity (and a possible jail term) I would try to come up with a solution.
Said solution took about 5 minutes and YES I know some bright respondent will tell me “it looks like it” but at least I had a go!
It’s a cardboard lid off an Amazon box which just happened to be the same width as the glove box - it could be extended on the right to meet the vent and cut out around the vent on the left - I fixed it to the facia with blue tack but it’s not really sticky enough for the long term - probably better to extend the top by 25mm (that’s an inch if you were born in the 50’s like me!) and slide it in between the facia and top dash maybe.
It’s just a prototype using cardboard but could be made with 1mm Perspex if you have the tools and workshop - like I said just a suggestion.

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Who for, ankle-muncher or Dad?
How about…

You know what happened next…