Day Time Running Lights - options for mk3

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2008 Sport PRHT NC1
  2. I’m based near: Surrey
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: DRL oprions

The front side lights on the NC are as bright as a dead glow worm.
I don’t like to drive on dipped head lights all the time.
So I drive with no lights on the majority of the (day)time just like everyone used to in the days before Daytime Running Lights.

But, now that most cars have DRLs it seems that those pulling out are not looking as well as they need to. I had three people pull out in front of me today.
1 - Old boy exiting a country lane onto an A road, probable sh@t himself when I over took him a milli second later.
2- Spotty yoof in a blacked out pimped up golf, who just plain did not see me in a small town.
3- An Audi estate leaving a country pub car park, but he drives an Audi so that is OK.

My NC is galaxy grey, and in the patchy sunlight/overcast conditions today, may be hard to see if you are not looking properly, especially amongst the trees and leafy lanes of the South East.

So I am thinking about adding DRLs. MX5PARTS do a set for abot £30 , “Cruise-Lite Ice LED Daytime Lights”, similar seem to be available on amazon for similar money.

Has anyone fitted these? Any “Gotchas”?
Any legal concerns?
Any fitting advice?

Thanks all.

switchback indicators are cheapest and look brill ,

see this… video link

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Which bulb type is right for the MK3? T20?

was for mk3.5 , so i assume same :sunglasses:

Switchback bulbs not suitable for mk3-nc1 as it has amber indicator lenses in the headlamp

I have an NC1 with switch back bulbs and they look the business, the indicators are orange at the top half and pure white at the bottom half, as you indicate the white disappears as they flash orange.
I can’t get a video from my phone on here but i can Whats app to anybody who want’s to see.
If you want switch backs on your NC1 go for it.

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Will the switch back bulbs pass the MOT test?

Yes, mine passed 1st June.

Yes please what’s app me the video. Will message you my number.


If anybody can post my whats app video on here it would be appreciated.

This might help answer some questions.


Thanks, excellent link,

On my NC1 I have amber inserts inside the light unit, so Switch-back will shine amber all the time.

A better option for me might be changing the side light bulbs to something more powerful - but not sure if this is possible, or legal?

Not done it myself but those orange inserts can be removed. Remove unit and warm up in the oven and prise the headlamp unit apart.:+1:

Don’t think I’m brave enough to try it.:grin:

Me neither :joy:

I’ll get some of the sidelight bulbs, thanks 999to5, and see what they are like, but think I will end up with a £20 bank of leds and wire them into the lower grill somehow.

Don’t blame you I got heat setting wrong it was only in a short time and melted the headlight…got my centigrade and Fahrenheit wrong was looking at a U.S. site :crazy_face:

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I’ve put LED ‘bulbs’ in my foglights.
I never use foglights anyway, so no loss there.
With the LEDs in place, the foglights make excellent DRLs.
I do have to switch them on and off manually though but its not been a problem.


For what its worth , I changed the very dim sidelight bulbs in my mk3 to Osram 501 w5w 12v LED cool white 6000k wedge bulbs, ( ebay £8.99 ) a bit on the blue side but much brighter than the original, not quite in the same league as proper running lights but a real improvement if you just want to use sidelights on a dull day.


I have bright white LEDs in my sidelights too, for even more road presence. :slight_smile:

Not as bright as the ones in the fog lights though…

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Having sought opinions and have taken good advice from 999to5 and gone down the LED’s in the Fog Lights and Side Lights.
Thanks for the advice.:+1:
Should arrive next week and then the fun and skimmed knuckles commences! :slightly_smiling_face:

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