Detailer required to revive my beautiful NC

I need a detailer to revive my beautiful NC …my DIY efforts with Meguiars ultimate compound have left unsightly swirls. Anyone recommended in the Uxbridge NW London area…no more DIY buffing manually given my rubbish efforts

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I can’t recommend a detailer but I would say don’t be too hard on yourself with regards to the swirls after the megs ultimate compound. It’s good stuff for getting rid of marks and contamination but it isn’t designed as a single stage process. You need to finish it up with a finer grade polish (such as megs ultimate polish) to get rid of the hazy swirls.

I managed to magic away some cat scratches with ultimate compound on my NA and was quite smug until I saw the hologram effect as the sun hit it. A follow up with polish and wax had it looking smart again.

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You can’t beat having a professional in to do their stuff. Mine (NC) was quite bad for swirls on the bonnet and boot in particular, more noticeable there I guess. I couldn’t remove the swirling some were too deep, back in the garage under artificial light they looked even worse.
I’ve had mine done once, over 5 years ago, a proper job, he spent all day on the car remarking that he just can’t get every single scratch out, some were deep.
I am very happy with the results, all I’ve ever needed to do since is polish once per year and apply wax. It does get regular washes and always garaged when not used.

I gave mine a once over with turtle wax one and done. Cant believe how easy it was and what a great finish. Expensive stuff, but well worth exploring youtube to see what I mean.

Thanks mate I seem to have acquired lots of products but yet to get it right

I think that may be the answer just need a recommendation for a local provider at reasonable price

Appreciate the encouragement and advice…I will give it another go with the ultimate polish and wax

Echoing what others have said you’ll struggle to remove swirls by hand even with mazdas soft paint.

If you’re so inclined a das 6 or equivalent random orbit polisher and a decent compound like 3m or the meguiars professional products are a safe and effective way of sorting swirls for good. I’ve posted a guide for someone else on here outlining the process and some products that might help.

The meguiars product you’ve used can be used on a machine but it gets abit Cakey and loses its cut very quickly